Saturday, June 23, 2012

Surprise Birthday

I've been tricked this year!!! Oh gosh, I'm usually among the one who plan surprises for people. And this time, I'm the one getting surprise.
Well.... It happened on my birthday eve. We "supposed" to go out because Lingli wanted to belanja us as a token of appreciation for planning a surprise party on her special day. It crossed my mind that they will celebrate my birthday during our makan outing. Lingli came to my house around 1.15 pm saying that we have to wait for Cherylyn, as she will be meeting us as my place before we carpool to town.

Wait punya wait, suddenly heard somebody bagi salam at my neighbour's house. At 1st I just ignore the voice (I'm not the busybody type of neighbour..ok). Lingli somehow made me go and checkout whose the one bagi salam as she knew that my neighbour is not a Muslim. Suddenly, Jasmine jumped out and shouted SURPRISE!!!!!! Followed by a group of girls, each of them holding so many things (plastics & shopping bags) macam baru balik from shopping or pasar malam. I'm really speechless.

It's a potluck party, everyone was in charge to bring something and crash my place. LOL.
From the way they work, showed that it was a properly planned surprise yo (It was confirmed, they had well-planned the party. The middleman/woman between them and my mum was my cousin. I really had no idea bout this). Everyone was working efficiently, they know their tasks on that day very well. O.O 

Girls busy carrying out their tasks.


They even brought props for the party. 
It was very simple and homey feeling party. I'm so touched because they really spent their time preparing most of the food. Everyone was enjoying themselves albeit my house was quite warm  that day.

Me and my delicious home bake birthday cake/tart. Thanks Cherylyn.

Yam Seng!!!!
Accounting people will always think to use resources efficiently duh... hahaa.
Why do I say so?? Coz even the plastic table cover that they brought was being fully utilized. It ended up becoming a huge birthday card for me. Everyone jotted down their greetings on it. A creative way not to waste the beautiful plastic cover right???

Jotting down their greetings.
I've been asked to complete a 25 pieces hand drawn puzzle duh.. They really timed me. And guess what, I think I held the "Slowest 25 pieces puzzle solver award" with a recorded time of  6 mins 53 sec. =.="

Yay!! Finally completed the puzzle.

My birthday presents. A mini garden. ^^

Group picture.. Thanks everyone.
Apart from the party, thanks to my aunt for my birthday present & my dearest friend, Vriesia, for treating me dinner. Really appreciate your kindness. I'm so grateful to be surrounded with great people. May all of you will be blessed with good returns.
Love you all. ^^

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Universal Studio Singapore (20/02/2012)

Went Universal Studio Singapore with Sherryn, Lingli & Nathanael during 2nd trimester break. 
Since it was a normal working day, the place was not crowded which also means.... we don't have to queue for so long for the rides. The only rides with long queue was the Transformers ride, which was the latest attraction in the park at that time.

As soon as we entered the park, we attacked all the main attraction rides (just in case if we don't have enough time to play all the rides). Somewhere around noon time, the good weather suddenly changed. It rained heavily. I was almost drenched by the time we get to a sheltered area.  Luckily we managed to attack almost all the rides that we wanted, so I was satisfied albeit being almost completely soak running in the rain. The rain had stopped by the time we finished our lunch and we went sight-seeing and photographing around the park.

Here's few pictures that I managed to capture during the trip.

Group pic.
We had so much fun being small kids for a day. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

CNY 2012

My annual Chinese New Year outing with my siblings/friends. The time where most of us can meet and catch up with each other. I miss u all so much already. Some of the pictures.
Photo credit to the owner. I forgotten who is/are the owner(s) of these photos.


 Zaharah managed to visit us in Melaka this year. Finally... after so many years.

After  lunch.
And of course visited one of our beloved teacher, Pn. Choo. 

One photo for the album.

Cherylyn & Sherryn's Bday

Okay... This event took place 6 months back.. Really late post huh..
I'm not fit to be a blogger though. 
Anyway, just read through if you are interested. hahaha.

Few weeks before Cherylyn & Sherryn's birthday, Lingli & I came up with an idea to order cupcakes for their birthday.. A change from normal birthday cake. We decided to put common cartoon characters that they like on the cupcakes.

So, the 1st move was to get input on the cartoon characters that they like. We managed to korek info from our supposed to be "casual talk" without them realizing. hahaha.. Gotcha!!!
 Both of them agreed on HAMTARO!!! So HAMTARO it is.

We placed our order at D Cake Signature . They did a great job. We are satisfied with the final outcome (scroll down for the cupcakes picture).

So on the planned date, we went Wasabi Sushi to celebrate. 
Their 1st challenge were to name all the HAMTARO cartoon characters before we unveiled  the cupcakes.
Discussing & figuring out characters' names.


Birthday girls with cute cupcakes.

HAMTARO cupcakes.
Everyone was attracted to the cupcakes and reluctant to eat the cupcakes. As the result, everyone keep taking photo of the cupcakes. 

Anyway, sorry girls for the super late post. All the best! ^^

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Famosa Trip

Went for a short trip after our internship, way back in October 2011.
Some short post for that.

On the way to A Famosa Resort.

A Famosa main entrance

Our 3 rooms bungalow.

 Around the resort.

Our bungalow with private pool.
The resort was preparing for Halloween Party during that time. So there's lots of lighted pumpkins around.
Halloween decoration.

Group photo.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lantern Party

(Back dated post)

Who says only small kids can play lantern? Who? Who? Who?
No rule stating that rite?
Who cares if there's any rule bout that. The most important thing is we have fun playing lantern rite?
So this year, my friends and I had lantern party during the mid-autumn festival.
I'm lucky to be back in Melaka just in time to join them for this.
As usual, there's always food when there's gathering. Another potluck session. ^^
For this time round, thanks to Kim and her parents for sponsoring venue and providing additional food for our gathering.

Our food for the night. ^^

First things first... makan time...

Nyum.... nyum.... nyum..

Meng & Ashok enjoying themselves at the corner.

After our makan-makan session.. time to have fun!!!!

Lee Hoon fixing the candle to a lantern.

Hanging lanterns.

So bersemangat hanging laterns.

Colourful lanterns 1....

Colourful lanterns 2...

Colourful lanterns 3...

Front view.

After some time, the lantern party turned into candle party. Since there's so many candles available, we started lighting up the candles.

Entah apa Vsia tgh fikir/mengelamun.
Reminiscing old memories maybe?

Colourful candles.

"Love" shaped formation.
We dedicated this to "somebody"... hahaha...

Do you know the critical moment when the candle in the lantern is at its last few seconds before going off? Yes.. the critical moment which determines whether your lantern (paper lantern) will survive or get burn.

We were excited and cheering for every lantern that get burned. Almost all of us were hoping that the lanterns won't survive the critical moment. Feels weird right?
The reason is... it seems that every lantern that get burned (by itself, not involving any act of burning or attempting to burn the lantern), symbolizes good luck. Not sure how true is it..
Can anyone verify this?




We really had fun that night. I wonder whether we can do this again next year.
So gang, amacam next year? :P
Another picture to end this post.