Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gamma year Sem3 2009/2010

This trimester is going to end about one month from now.
Take me so long to post about this.
Should done this at the beginning of the sem, but never mind..
Better late than never rite?

Taking these subjects this sem:

* Management Accounting 2
* Auditing 1
* Taxation 1
* Business Law

Have to start study earlier for Final exam *HOPEFULLY*.
Lots of things need to remember.

Dunno when I'm going to come up with the next post.
Try my best to update ASAP. ^^

Friday, March 5, 2010

February Updates

Another short updates.
I've been super busy since starting of this year, especially during February.
Busy attending classes, CNY preparation, CNY visiting, Yee Lin's birthday party, a relative's funeral & my grandma admitted to hospital (luckily nothing serious).

Let me share with you Yee Lin's super cute birthday cake pic.

Cute leh... Beautiful Barbie cake for the beautiful birthday girl. ^^

The next day supposed to be the day for me to join my frens for visiting.
However...... disebabkan hal-hal yang tak dapat dielakkan, can't join them.
I felt kinda sad coz can't spend much time with them.
Luckily they all manage to serbu my house before going for steamboat dinner at Chee Han's place. Dapat jugak I meet u all. haha..
Good timing guys, if not, u all less 1 ang pow.. hehehe.. ( Juz joking)

Gang at my house

Thanks for coming guys.
next year I will be able to join u all for visiting. ^^