Sunday, April 26, 2009

Make it through..

At last MUMOS (Multimedia University Movie Society) Night 2009 is over last week (17 April 2009). *Relief* We (high committees) have gone through lots of problems from the beginning. From the committee recruitment till the night itself, there's always problems that pops-up which makes the event almost impossible. however, we still make it through till the end. Although not to the extend of having the "WOW!!" factor, but i would say that I'm satisfied with it. Not going to blog about it in detail. Congratulations to all the committees for their hard work to make this event possible.

After one-by-one problem came up during the day, the presence of these special people really makes my day. (Thanks Lee Hoon for the pics).

Thanks for bringing smile to my day.

Another shot.

And another shot... hehe..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Qing Ming

Manage to follow my relative for Qing Ming ( also known as "cheng beng") this year. Not many people can make it this year as we went on Friday, so most of them working lo. We went around 4 pm ( I dunno why la they choose that time, it's sooo.. HOT!! OMG). It's not difficult to find my ancestors graves because all my deceased relatives' graves are group together in one area. According to my grandparents, the cemetery land belongs to our ancestors. Almost all the graves belongs either to my relatives or family's friends.

Preparing to pray.

Different generation working together.

Great great grandpa's grave.

Great great grandma's grave. ( Behind the green colour grave)

Great grandpa's grave.

Great grandma's grave.
I really salute my grandparents, granduncles & grandaunties. Despite their age, they are able to bear themselves under the HOT sun to pray their parents & grandparents. I really can't tahan the heat, I can feel that my skin is burning. So every now & then, I lari to get the shade (The price I have to pay for not bringing any cap or umbrella).

Look at them, bersemangat under the hot sun.. shame on me.. :(

The whole process took about 1 1/2-2 hours. Imagine I've been "grilled" under the sun for that period till whole face so red like udang masak. -.-"

Last shot before balik.

The entire process do not stop here. It followed with prayer at home the next day. Sorry no photos for that because I was too busy helping my grandma preparing food for prayers.
It's so much fun to engage in family activities like this once in a while (minus the being "grilled" part). So many stories, so much laughter & as usual, so many FOOD!! ;P.