Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lantern Party

(Back dated post)

Who says only small kids can play lantern? Who? Who? Who?
No rule stating that rite?
Who cares if there's any rule bout that. The most important thing is we have fun playing lantern rite?
So this year, my friends and I had lantern party during the mid-autumn festival.
I'm lucky to be back in Melaka just in time to join them for this.
As usual, there's always food when there's gathering. Another potluck session. ^^
For this time round, thanks to Kim and her parents for sponsoring venue and providing additional food for our gathering.

Our food for the night. ^^

First things first... makan time...

Nyum.... nyum.... nyum..

Meng & Ashok enjoying themselves at the corner.

After our makan-makan session.. time to have fun!!!!

Lee Hoon fixing the candle to a lantern.

Hanging lanterns.

So bersemangat hanging laterns.

Colourful lanterns 1....

Colourful lanterns 2...

Colourful lanterns 3...

Front view.

After some time, the lantern party turned into candle party. Since there's so many candles available, we started lighting up the candles.

Entah apa Vsia tgh fikir/mengelamun.
Reminiscing old memories maybe?

Colourful candles.

"Love" shaped formation.
We dedicated this to "somebody"... hahaha...

Do you know the critical moment when the candle in the lantern is at its last few seconds before going off? Yes.. the critical moment which determines whether your lantern (paper lantern) will survive or get burn.

We were excited and cheering for every lantern that get burned. Almost all of us were hoping that the lanterns won't survive the critical moment. Feels weird right?
The reason is... it seems that every lantern that get burned (by itself, not involving any act of burning or attempting to burn the lantern), symbolizes good luck. Not sure how true is it..
Can anyone verify this?




We really had fun that night. I wonder whether we can do this again next year.
So gang, amacam next year? :P
Another picture to end this post.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Paddington House of Pancakes (PHOP)

I've always wanted to try Paddington House of Pancakes (PHOP).
Finally, I came across a good deal in one of the "discount voucher website".
Apa lagi... straight away I bought the vouchers and drag Sherryn with me.. muahahahaha....

Paddington House of Pancakes ^^

Our voucher entitled us to 1 dessert pancake and 1 ice lemon tea per person.
Although the pancakes suppose to be dessert, but we took that as the main course.. Quite filling actually.

We are given 3 choices to choose from....
1. Swedish pancakes with bananas, coconut, peanut butter, ice cream and whipped cream.
2. Dutch pancake with apple fritters, strawberries and ice cream.
3. forgotten the name.. maybe because the combination not attractive enough.. LOL..

Sherryn chose the Dutch pancake.

Sherryn's Dutch pancake.

Dutch pancake close up.

Personally, i dun really like dutch pancake.. the apple taste kinda weird to me..
maybe because it's too ripe or the combination with the sauce makes it taste weird.

Next is mine.. i chose the Swedish pancake.

My Swedish pancake. ^^

At first I doubt that my pancake will be nice because of the combination...
banana and coconut... how can that taste nice right?
But I'm surprise the whole combination actually turned up nice..
As I type this.. i can recall the texture and taste..
the warm slightly crunchy pancake combine with cold ice cream which melts in the mouth,
and the taste.. the not too sweet syrup with a thin layer of peanut butter, sprinkled with a little of icing sugar and slight aroma of cinnamon...
*Aaahhh ~~~ Heavenly~~~*

Swedish Pancake close up.
(See the ice cream melts..... MmmmMmm..)

And finally, the ice lemon tea.. nothing special bout that..
juz that it's bit too sour for me..
that's what the lemon are for right? sour ~~~

My sour Ice Lemon tea.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the food and service here.
Gotta come back again some other day to try other stuffs here..
Most of them look appetizing.
Anyone wanna join me? ^^

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hey, it's been such a long time since my last post..
I'm so sorry for nt updating my blog.

Life had been busy for me.
Classes, Exams, preparation for my Internship & etc.

A little update..

Currently I'm doing my internship in one of the audit firm in Petaling Jaya.
How's my internship life so far?
Honestly, I really like my internship life..
Haha.. probably some of you might think that I'm crazy to love my internship especially during peak period.

Well.. for me it is a good change of environment. Take a break from study, study, study and experience the working life. Off course my life is not as hectic as the permanent staff here (maybe that's why I like my internship... still can consider as my honeymoon period.. hahaha), but i really learnt lots of things here.

Everyone here is so kind, helpful and friendly. I'm so thankful that all my seniors so far are very very very helpful, patient and willing to teach me alot of stuffs. Really gonna miss them when I'm back in campus.

I have another one and a half month more to go.. Basically, it is off- peak period now. So, everyone is kinda relax a bit after going through the stressful peak period. Oh, you all sure don't want to see how they went through the peak period.. Pity them..

I think i will end my internship here with a more relax (tooo relax for me now... T.T) environment. Good thing or not? Anyway, my supervisor coming to visit soon. Got to prepare the documents required.

See you all in the next post..