Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Christmas Party" & Twins

At last, I'm back updating my blog.
I've been busy with my final exam, which just ended last Wednesday.
Hopefully I get a good result, although i feel that it is impossible.
Just pray for the best.
Anyway, Christmas day was a great and tiring day.
While all the others are busy celebrating Christmas (we are Buddhists), my family members were busy having our own "Christmas Party".
As usual, everyone has been eating throughout the day.
The preparation of ingredients itself started a day before.
I felt so lucky because I had the chance to witness (not the whole process) the traditional way of making "otak-otak".
"Otak" means "brain" in English, but we don't address them as "brains".
What is it actually? Please click here.

My aunt's maid grinding otak-otak ingredients using the traditional method.

The happiest people on earth will be the kids.

Play & laugh the whole day.

Some of the kids having their lunch.

We had chicken rice and Nasi Lemak for lunch.
My aunt & mama wrapping nasi lemak using banana leaf.

Nasi lemak for sale!! RM0.50 per packet. hehe.

For dinner, we had BBQ chicken, grilled fish, otak-otak, coleslaw, fried noodles, pudding & more.
Can't remember what we had. too many food already (sorry, didn't manage to snap photos of the food, too busy).

Getting ready for BBQ.

DIY BBQ pit.

My cousin enjoying his BBQ chicken wing.

By the end of the day, everyone was so tired & went to bed early.
I should snap a picture to show you all how we arrange everyone to sleep that night. It's like a refugee camp. haha.
Oh ya, we had a good news the next morning.
My uncle's dog gave birth 2 puppies.
We suspected that the dog had delivered on Christmas day, but had fallen into a hole under the dog's cage.
Luckily my uncle found the puppies.

A black & brown puppies.

Friday, December 11, 2009

"Ang Pow" from

No, it's not Chinese New Year yet.

It's not my birthday either.

Then how come I received an "ang pow" (red packet) all of a sudden?



Well, I won the competition organized by Chris Lim few months back and received my prize yesterday.
The grand prize suppose to be RM50 handphone top-up credit,
but since I'm a postpaid user, i got CASH instead.
I didn't expect to win at all.
Thanks Chris. ^^

(p/s: I'm not using or promoting Maxis ^^)