Thursday, October 7, 2010

Genting Trip 5/10-6/10

Just came back yesterday from Genting 2Days 1Night Trip with my friends.
Had so much fun although the thick mist & rain prevented us from spending much time at the outdoor theme park.
As the result, we ate more than playing at the theme park.
Gosh!! I've gained weight just for 1 night stay. O.O
Thanks to Sherryn's dad for treating us with all the scrumptious food from the time we arrived in Genting till we were back in Melaka.

We stayed at Resort World Genting's Deluxe room.
Nice room decor, really gave us the "homely" atmosphere.
Clean room & bathroom, comfortable beds & sofas, huge TV, 2 way wardrobe & other basic amenities.

Resorts World Hotels's room rates.

Oh ya, did i mention that we got the room for FREE!!!?
Sherryn's dad got the room for free.
Free room = more money to spend & save.
Muahahaha. ^^

Look at Yee Lin & Sher Ling's happy faces. hahaha.

Bathroom's huge mirror.

Spent the first day in the Indoor Theme Park & roaming & shopping in First World Plaza.
The best part to go Genting during normal working days is that the waiting time for each ride is shorter and if you are lucky enough, none.
I just realized that I didn't snap much pictures in both of the theme parks.
Busy enjoying myself. LOL.

On the 2nd day we manage to play almost all rides that we wanted before it rained heavily.

Look at that thick mist coming.

Oh ya, we went into the casino. I'm now officially eligible to enter casino.
So what do we do in the casino?
If you think the answer is " Gamble la... what else..",
then you are wrong ...
our main reason there is to eat. Yes.. u get me right. EAT!!
Sherryn's dad gave us his free coupon for chicken chop.
I never knew that casino has delicious food.
(I'm not saying it's delicious because it is free, but seriously delicious)
Besides chicken chop, we were allowed to help ourselves with the free flow of drinks, cream of chicken soup & salad buffet.


Creamy & flavourful cream of chicken soup.

Yummy chicken chop.

One last view of Genting's outdoor theme park before we went home.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

My 21st Birthday Celebration (Part 2) 16/6/2010

Finally, after few months, I'm able to update my blog.
So many back dated post to blog.
So sorry to those who have been waiting for my 2nd part of my birthday celebration & thank you for your patience.

So... My 2nd celebration starts with "girls make up session" in Sherryn's house.
(Thanks Sherryn for letting us serbu ur house ^^)
My make up artists for the day are Yee Lin & Jasmine. (TQ both of u had done a great job^^)
Had lots of fun during the session.

Group photo after our make up session.

After our photo session, off we go to TC Spring Restaurant for dinner.
Thought we are already late for the dinner & my another group of friends have been waiting for us.
But when I'm there......
No one there. =.="
And they are late again... as usual... ( I got use to it already anyway)
I'll forgive u all since you all make my day that night. hehe. ^^

My Bukit Baru gang.

My MMU gang.

They even make a toast for me...

Yam seng.

.... Chee Han make everyone in the restaurant had a shock when he suddenly shouted
I'll remember that part for the rest of my life. hahaha.

Everyone's expression say it all.

Toast from the future accountants.

Before the dinner ends, they present Birthday songs in few languages for me.
And another compulsory thing to do...
Group picture.

Group pic 1.

Group pic 2.

After dinner, I went for post-dinner party with my Bukit Baru gang at Geographer Cafe.
More photo shooting sessions + crazy game + crazy punishments. hehehe..

Girls group pic.

Thank you everyone. I really had a great time with all of you.
I'm really grateful to have good friends like you all. ^^