Monday, August 31, 2009

Random pics

Just want to share the pictures I snap around my grandparents' compound.

Chrysanthemum 1

Chrysanthemum 2

Chrysanthemum 3

Don't know what flower is this but it looks like coral.

Another flower which I don't know what izit call. =.="


Anybody knows what flower is this? =.="

Flies doing their "business".


Jackfruit Tree

Soursop Tree


7th month prayers & Short trip - Port Dickson

Just came back from my grandparents place for the Chinese 7th month's prayers.
The prayer was held on Saturday morning till late noon (no pictures bout that bcoz i was busy back then).
After the prayers, my dad, lil' cousin & I went for a short trip to Port Dickson.
(Port Dickson is quite near to my grandparents place, bout 30-45 minutes drive from my grandparents place).
Not many people there though coz it is during puasa month. Next time if want to come for holiday, must come during this time. No need to rebut place with other people. Can take as much place as you want. Haha.

See, not many people around.

Lil' cousin enjoying his ice-cream.

My dad & little cousin.

Picture taken under the hot sun.

Monday, August 10, 2009

JJ outing

Hanged out with my friends last Friday in JJ. Although it's just a small group, but we had so much fun.Yeah.. we really know how to enjoy ourselves, despite having H1N1 cases on the rise in Melaka. This explains why there's not many people in JJ, all scared kena jangkit.
Back to the story, we went for lunch in Secret Recipe. Makan & chit chat for almost 3 hours.

From right: me, Pav,Vriesia,Kim & Chee Han
("the only guy there, but somehow he just fits in like the girls"-quoted by Vriesia).
Moving to the next session, we went to the JJ Amusement Park (Is that what we call it?).
I shall say the place where you discover & polish your hidden talents. Don't believe?
Scroll down..
Give few examples..
Good drummers.

Great air hockey players.

Promising Jockey.
(Pav is SOOO gonna kill me. haha)
Talented Rock Stars.
(They really have the style don't they?)
the place where people still wants to be kids regardless their actual age.. =.="
Such as...
Acting cute?
Imagining yourselves as "Ultragirls" & Monster.

Kim & Me: FIRE!! FIRE!!
(Don't know why I'm doing this.. Haha)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rachel 21st Bday, Assignment & Food

Attended Rachel's 21st birthday on 25th of July.
We went to her house quite early, around 6 pm.
Quite early for a birthday party to start right? Well, what to do... since we have another important matter to settle later that night - watch dance performance for our National Dance assignment.
Thanks Rachel, for the warm hospitality & great varieties of food. :D

From left: Rachel, Yee Lin, Ee Lin, Sherryn & Jasmine.


Around 8 pm, we left Rachel's house & convoyed to Mydin MITC to watch the dance performances by the Briged Seni Melaka dancers.
While we were waiting for the performance to start, saw few Mydin employees loading lots of stuffs into a HUGE trolley next to the stage.
When I say HUGE, I really mean it.

Malaysia's Book of Record had certified it as The Largest Shopping Cart in Malaysia.

Largest Shopping Cart in Malaysia.
Back to the dance, the whole performance took about 40-45 minutes.
There were 11 types of ethnic dances that night.
(There comes my assignment, 11 types of dances. Fuh! =.=")

Briged Seni Melaka Dancers.
The dancers sure felt as though they were pop stars that night, with so many people capturing photos & recording videos for the sake of assignment. haha.
All students kiasu getting materials for assignment.
This is just few of them.
Didn't manage to snap more photos coz busy concentrating on the stage.
After the show, all of us went to eat fish head beehoon (name only fish head, but actually it is fish fillets) for supper. The soup is tasty. I wonder whether the sweetness of the soup comes from the fish or lots of MSG. The fish fillets are crunchy & not too dry. Worth every sen of my money. haha.

Fish fillet bee hoon.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Went to interview a company for one of my assignment (not gonna mention which company).
Hmm... what can i say, the moment 6 of us enter the office, they was like unprepared to to meet with us. Although we sent the approval letter earlier.
Anyway, the whole interview went on quite well. It's just that I'm not really satisfied with the answers given by the person in charge. Buat penat only I asked long questions, the person in charge reply me with 1 word for each question, either YUP, NO or DEPENDS. Most of the answers are depends with brief explanation.
See... now I have the difficulty on doing my assignment. No need say do, start also don't know how to start. Waaa!!!
After the interview, we asked permission to see their training room since they said they had 1 upstairs. The person in charge agreed and brought us there.
The moment we saw the training room, we was like.. O.O
We expected to see any high-tech equipments that they use to train their staffs. But..
What we saw was 2 tables & chairs, besides a pool table outside the room (for the purpose of employees' recreational).
I will laugh everytime i think of that incident. haha. Funny duh seeing our facial expression.
Expectation too high already.
According to the person in charge, the equipment will only be brought to the room during training sessions.
At last, in order to get more materials for assignment, we asked permission to visit their shop & snaps some pictures there.
Anyway, I grade the overall interview as Satisfactory.
It does help us for our assignment although not as good as I expected.
Thanks to the company. :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rambutan Season

I supposed to blog about this last month but because of my "tight" schedule (*ahem* wah.. wah.. sounds as if I'm doing big business like that.. so busy.. haha) this post & next few posts will be the updates of what I've been doing for the past 1 month.
Rambutan season is here again. As usual, went back grandparents place to join the crowd enjoying the fruit.
The easiest way to get lots of Rambutan at the same time is to chop down the branch. And Tadaa!!!
You'll have lots of rambutans in front of your eyes.

Rambutan... Rambutan.. Rambutan..
Sounds easy right? But actually NOT.
Firstly, you'll need the experts to plan the strategy to make sure that the branch will fall at the right place & most important won't hempap anyone. (*lame*)
Secondly, get to work. (*So lame*)
See my uncle, so bersemangat. Got sprained ankle can climb some more.

Next, my favorite part, burn the weaver ants' (kerengga) nest. this is when you can see all the soldiers (kerengga) come out & attack you in order to protect their nest & their lives. But too bad, all hangus rentung in just few seconds.
Anyone wants to eat rambutan bakar?

Finally, can take your time to pluck the rambutan.
Mama & aunt at work.

A video just for fun. haha.