Monday, August 31, 2009

Random pics

Just want to share the pictures I snap around my grandparents' compound.

Chrysanthemum 1

Chrysanthemum 2

Chrysanthemum 3

Don't know what flower is this but it looks like coral.

Another flower which I don't know what izit call. =.="


Anybody knows what flower is this? =.="

Flies doing their "business".


Jackfruit Tree

Soursop Tree



...Yee Lin... said...

beautiful flowers...
I never know you like to snap pictures of flowers..
Haha... But anyhow, nice shots! ^^

vee-sia said...

ee lin! kacau lalat buat business laaa.....

Elaine said...

>>Yee Lin>> I was bored la the other day. So, go & find something to do lo.

>>Vsia>> their nasib x baik le i terserempak with them. btw, antara all the photos, u tertarik with that photo oni ka? haha..

Canon In D 1909 said...

wow. you will have a great journey being a photographer. ^^

vee-sia said...

haha... the lalat pic paling funny ma... n paling jarang nampak... hehehe

Elaine said...

>>Canon In D>> I'm just lucky that the pictures came out nicely.

>>Vsia>> ^_^