Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Family Heritage

Went dinner at Family Heritage yesterday with Sherryn, Yee Lin & Cherylyn.
Decided to eat western food. Unfortunately, bad choice.. Should ate their eastern food instead (although not that nice.. but still ok la). The western food was like... Ewww..!! still can imagine the weird smell while i'm typing this.. *Yuckssss*
Yee Lin's Cordon Bleu.
(Don't be fooled by their nice presentation, not that nice, but still acceptable)

Sherryn's Black Pepper Chicken Chop.
(Well.. if you look properly, you can see the meat covered with the super dark black pepper sauce)
"Tasteless" according to Sherryn.

Then, here comes the worst food ever.

Spaghetti Al Presto Calamari.
(Swt.. name so glamour.. but the taste... *Yucks*)

I've really had a bad feeling once my food was served. The smell was soooo strong. I can even smell it although I'm having a block nose..

The only edible food for that nite were the....

Cinnamon Buns
( The 1st item was serve to us.
well... we were too hungry and only remembered to snap photos halfway eating)

Mushroom Soup


Cherylyn's Brownie.

My first and last having western food in Family Heritage. *Vomit*


vee-sia said...

eeeee.... so geli 1 the food..... presentation pun fail leh....

Canon In D 1909 said...

where is family heritage ar?lol

chris@dotagaki said...

I ate there b4 oso... cant remember what i order how or how it taste like. They say the spaghetti is nice. But not keen to go there anyway. Station 1 much better :)

...Yee Lin... said...

I will NEVER go there d ee lin..

waste my money only.. (-.-)

Elaine said...

>>Vee-sia>> mmg geli. ya lor, presentation also fail. when u wanna cook & invite me? hehe..

>>Canon In D>> family heritage is in bukit beruang. the same row with 7 eleven.

>>Chris>> Dun ever go there. Station 1 is sooo much better.

>>Yee Lin>> True true. never ever go there again. =.="

pav said...

tgk rupa pun tau tak sedap..if i not mistaken,i pernah makan sweet n sour chicken rice ther...masam giler..tapi takde sweet pun...

Elaine said...

>>Pav>> Dun go there edy la. go eat other place.