Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yummy weekend

Another post about food. Started with saturday evening when suddenly i wanted 2 eat satay celup. So, my mum & I went to Ong Kim Wee for Satay Celup. Reached there around 7 pm & the shop was already packed with people. I considered myself as lucky cos there was only 1 empty table left. Haha.. Perfect!! Quickly got to that table before someone had that seat. Here are some pictures before i started enjoying my food.

All the fried stuffs.

Fishballs, seafood & meat. (raw stuffs except the quail's eggs).

All the stuffs were dipped & left in the boiling gravy for it to cook.

After few minutes, all the stuffs were entering my stomach 1-by-1. Muah! DELICIOUS!! Love the nice aroma & thickness taste of the gravy. The combination of spicy, sweet & sour gravy will make your taste buds crave for more each time it enters your mouth. Ahh.. ~HEAVENLY!!~ Took me about 15 sticks of satay celup before my stomach surrendered for any extra stick. Hey, for those of you that think i finished the whole thing, you are totally wrong ok!

After dinner, went Jusco for window shopping. Nothing that caught my interest. Dropped by Papparoti and bought a bun before heading home.

This morning (Sunday) ,i woke up & got a good news from my dad. What izit about? Well, it's private. so i'll just keep it to myself. My dad received a phone call from my uncle who suggested that we go makan breakfast together. So, my dad called my 1st aunty & uncle to join us as well. We had our breakfast in Ong Kim Wee again... but not satay celup, but dim sum. The shop is the 1st shop, located at the same row of satay celup shop. This was my 1st time having dim sum in this shop. I usually had my dim sum in Bukit Beruang. For me, the dim sum here juz taste ok. Nothing so special. I prefer dim sum in Bukit Beruang. But my uncle (who suggested us having breakfast together) said that the "bak pau" there is nice because the filling is not too dry. I can't comment much about it coz i'm not 1 of "bak pau's" fan. As they were enjoying themselves doing one of my family's all time favourite activity (eating), they chat & their topic of the day was about car & the "good news". I juz spent most of my time listening, exploring my uncle's new hp & snap some pictures.

Some of the dim sum.

The "bak pau".

After breakfast, went to my grandaunty's place for some "bonding" activity. Went home bout 2.30pm. At 2.50pm, my grandma came with my 2nd uncle, followed by my 1st aunt & uncle 5 minutes later. Another family gathering.. that means.. more food, more eating.. Haiz.. My mum came back from work with bread & biscuits. So, we had bread+kaya, bread+sardine, biscuits, coffee & fruits for tea. sry.. no pic this time cos busy preparing food (not bz eating!! i did not take anything. Still can feel the dim sum + pau in my stomach) & layan them. They went back around 5.45 pm & mum busy preparing dinner.

Looks like food & my family can't be separated. From the stories my grandma or i call "mama" told me, looks like this "all time favourite activity" had been inherited from 1 generation to 1 generation.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Lucky me?

I was sleeping when suddenly i heard a ringing tone. I was thinking tat the tone is very familiar but where did i heard it b4? I thought it was a dream till my mum who was rushing to work woke me up & handed me my old hp. Aha!! that's my old hp's ringing tone (i had entered another sim card in that phone) , no wonder it sounded familiar. With a groggy head, I picked up the phone and i heard a teenage malay guy's voice. This was what happened this morning. It might not be the exact word but it has the same meaning.


Me: Hello.

Stranger: Hello. Adib ada tak?

Me: Salah nombor.

Stranger: Ni siapa?

Me: Ni rumah orang Cina.

Stranger: Apasal orang cina cakap Melayu?

Me: Suka hati saya la. ( I was thinking that u r talking in malay and of course la i reply in malay.Plus, why should i explain to a stranger why i speak malay?)

Stranger: Ni siapa ni?

Me: Ni rumah Cina. Awak salah nombor.

Stranger: Eh, tapi ni bukan orang cina. Ni siapa ni?

Me: Ni rumah Cina la. ( In my heart i was saying "hw la i wanna proof that i am a Chinese?". An in the 1st place, why should i proof to u?)

Stranger: Ni bukan cina ni.

Me: *quiet* ( In my heart, I was cursing him for disturbing my sleep and he thought that i was playing a fool with him. Come on man, i slept at 2.00 am & my sleep was more precious than playing a trick on u at 6.40 am in the morning).

* Hung up*

After bout 4 minutes...


Stranger: Hello.

Me: Salah nombor.

Stranger: Sorry.. sorry..


Actually, this was not my 1st experience. Before this, there was a chinese man (his voice sounded like someone who was in his late 40's) called and asking for some stranger in Mandarin. Argh!! I dun 1 to mention wat happened, makes me angry when thinking bout it. Had to admit that i'm a "banana" or a chinese who does not know hw to speak chinese (but i can understand ok..), that doesn't make me & some other people in the same category "weird". Instead, i categorize it as " unique". Anyway, i would like to thank that malay guy coz he gave me a morning/ wake up call, or else i might overslept & missed my 8.00 am class.. So, I'll forgive u for disturbing me early in the morning.

After the 4 hours (2hours BMC lecture & 2 hours BQT tutorial) torturing of sleepy,cold & hungry (didn't take anything for breakfast), at last we called it a day in campus. Haha.. I became awake as soon as the tutor said "class dismiss". Another reason i was awake coz i was goin to meet someone whom i had not met for a long time. What i can say is, i'm the last person she met before she went "missing in action" and now the 1st among my frens to meet her. So, can guess who? Of course she is a girl.

Presenting.... (drumroll)...


Pav's latest exclusive photo.

We went Mori Cafe to hav our lunch + talk + gossip for nearly 3 hours.. Oh ya! we met Kannan, another "long-lost-fren" there. Another picture of pav.

Pav: Hi everyone! Let's go yam cha together one day ya.

Aik!! Why today i membebel so much ar? K la. Better stop nw or else....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

What a day...

Hello!! I'm back again after few days.. There's nothing to blog tis few days. Haiz, 2day i felt so stupid lor.. make a huge mistake in d BQT quiz.. huhu.. Question 1. Y la i soooo careless? Y?!! Y?!!! Y?!! Argh!! Waste my 10 marks = 5%.. Hopefully d lecturer cn give markah kesian 4 writing d formula, but i guess tat's IMPOSSIBLE!!! Haiz.. nvm la, it's over anyway, can't do anything. Take it as a lesson & be more alert next time.

After quiz arnd 2.45 pm, rushed to CCU to attend Cervical Cancer Awareness Talk. The talk was conducted by Dr. Vincent Tan. My mother worked with him before in Malacca General Hospital (now he has his own clinic few doors away from King's Hotel) & according to my mum, he is a good doctor. It's good for everyone to learn bout cervical cancer since there r more & more cases reported each day.When i say EVERYONE, hey!! that includes all the GUYS out there as well. It doesn't matter u dun hav any (cervix) but it's helps u 2 understand ur mum, aunt, gf, future gf, wife, future wife or any ladies tat are related 2 u.

Advertisement on tissue packet

At nite, had to go campus again 4 MCCT quiz (i forgotten wat MCCT stands for.. hehe) representing Faculty of Business & Law (FBL) society. It was raining so heavy. I had a hard time driving coz I can't see the road properly. Juz used my instinct to drive. Met Sherryn & Elaine (not me of course). Basically, d quiz was hard although it was in MCQ form. 40 question in total (20 general ques, 6 ques bout M'sia, 8 ques bout MMU & 6 ques bout src). Although it sounded easy, but it was NOT!! 3 person in a group = 3 brains still can't answer most of d questions... In the end, juz simply hentam any answer la.. haha.. As d result, we didn't win anything. Sry FBL society, we tried our best. Since it was the first time for us (me, Sherryn & Elaine), we took it as a chance to gain experience. Who knows if we are goin to represent society again next time, then at least we know wat type of questions to expect...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Juz another day

I went back my kampung yesterday.. haha.. but tis time balik a while oni la. One of my uncle followed us back. We were bz chatting & "updating ourselves bout our relatives" under the shady rambutan tree since it was windy there. Then suddenly my grandma suggested 2 me having mee rojak for tea time. TING!! Good idea! it had been quite sumtime i didn't eat the mee rojak. Really miss the taste of "Lubuk Cina Mee Rojak" (Lubuk Cina = my kampung's name). My dad went 2 buy mee rojak & came back with a big packet of mee rojak, probably can be eaten by 12 adults. When we were juz started enjoying our food, my 1st aunt & uncle came back & brought more food. There were few types of kuih such as karipap, cekodok pisang, pisang goreng, ubi ketuk & kuih udang. Actually, i think my family has a norm which is "let our visitors eat till they surrender" or "eat till u drop (in a good way of course if nt sum1 will be lying on d hospital bed for over-eating)" . Hahaha.. tat's y evryone will gain weight evrytime come 2 our houses.

Went back arnd 7pm & reach 1 hour later. watch news & chat wif my aunt who came back from KL at my grandaunty hse till 8.45 pm. Then my dad, mum & me (my bro stay at my granparents place) went to town 2 find dinner or shall i say consider it as supper. We went 2 buy fried oyster in Kampung Pantai & satay sumwhere in Bukit China.

Although it is in Kampung Pantai, but it states there "Ujong Pasir Oyster". This is bcoz last time this stall used to be in "Moon Luck Ujong Pasir" together with the satay. since that shop was demolish for some housing projects, so all the tenants shifted & scattered arnd that area. We reach home arnd 10 pm. It's all about food 2day.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wat Happen??

Today i woke up early to prepare 4 BMC tutorial. haiz, last nite too tired to practise. Too preoccupied practise d tutorial presentation, suddenly i realize. OMG!! I'm late!! Need to get ready for class.. I was rushing loading my things into the car. Suddenly... OH NO!!! My right hand middle finger kena kepit in between my car door & the wall.. OUCHH!! i can see it was swelling & turning into blue-black.. I was actually wanted to stop the car door from banging against the wall, but.. my finger become the victim.. huhu.

It had been raining cats & dogs since 4 sumthin'. haiz.. another wet day. class ended at 5 pm. I went home i discovered the driveway was very dirty. Haiz.. another work 4 me 2 clean it. The heavy rain must hav caused all d water & sand flowed into my driveway again since the road is higher than my driveway. luckily it didn't enter my house, or else... u all cn imagine.. Half way cleaning, my mum came back from work.. guess wat? she bought back "nasi lemak kukus" for dinner... haha.. Nice treat for me after cleaning the dirty stuff.

After dinner, got ready to attend sponsorship division meeting for charity nite. I'm responsible to contact 4 companies. Back home arnd 8.45 pm, despite feeling sleepy(must be d effect after eating nasi lemak) still hav BQT tutorial questions to do.
Although really tak larat edy, but still gagahkan diri to do. haiz.. k la.. gotta continue doin my tutorial ques or else i can't sleep 2nite..

Monday, November 17, 2008

Nicole Tan will be in MMU Melaka!!

Dear everyone,

FBL Society will be having Business & Law Month starting from next week onwards, we'll be having our Business and Law Month all the way till early December. Several activities have been planned in conjunction with the month. There will be several events:

Nicolekiss LIVE in MMU!
Date : 19 November 2008
Time : 2.30 p.m. - 4.00 p.m.
Venue : Corporate Communications Unit (CCU)

Special appearance by Nicole Tan - travel blogger, the Star Metro columnist! Visit to find out more about Nicole! Nicole is a full time travel blogger/writer - A columnist for The Star Metro newspaper. Her travel blog, is officially two years old this Oct and has since gathered over millions of visitors. Her blog documents most of her world conquest in East Asia, South East Asia and Australia though she has been travelling since the age 20 and has covered most of the Western Europe solo.

*Article from fblupdates*

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My 1st Blog

Hello blogging world. hope i'm not too late 2 join all d bloggers out there. At last i decided 2 create a blog in order to keep my memories alive since i might forget all d interesting sweet and bitter memories of mine. Well, hopefully i'll b consistent enuf 2 blog part of my life. haiz... still have lots of things 2 learn bout tis (blog).