Sunday, November 23, 2008

Juz another day

I went back my kampung yesterday.. haha.. but tis time balik a while oni la. One of my uncle followed us back. We were bz chatting & "updating ourselves bout our relatives" under the shady rambutan tree since it was windy there. Then suddenly my grandma suggested 2 me having mee rojak for tea time. TING!! Good idea! it had been quite sumtime i didn't eat the mee rojak. Really miss the taste of "Lubuk Cina Mee Rojak" (Lubuk Cina = my kampung's name). My dad went 2 buy mee rojak & came back with a big packet of mee rojak, probably can be eaten by 12 adults. When we were juz started enjoying our food, my 1st aunt & uncle came back & brought more food. There were few types of kuih such as karipap, cekodok pisang, pisang goreng, ubi ketuk & kuih udang. Actually, i think my family has a norm which is "let our visitors eat till they surrender" or "eat till u drop (in a good way of course if nt sum1 will be lying on d hospital bed for over-eating)" . Hahaha.. tat's y evryone will gain weight evrytime come 2 our houses.

Went back arnd 7pm & reach 1 hour later. watch news & chat wif my aunt who came back from KL at my grandaunty hse till 8.45 pm. Then my dad, mum & me (my bro stay at my granparents place) went to town 2 find dinner or shall i say consider it as supper. We went 2 buy fried oyster in Kampung Pantai & satay sumwhere in Bukit China.

Although it is in Kampung Pantai, but it states there "Ujong Pasir Oyster". This is bcoz last time this stall used to be in "Moon Luck Ujong Pasir" together with the satay. since that shop was demolish for some housing projects, so all the tenants shifted & scattered arnd that area. We reach home arnd 10 pm. It's all about food 2day.


Chris@dotagaki said...

makan je kau tau... tapi macam sedap la...can i come visit?

Elaine said...

mmg la makan.. lots of nice things 2 eat. wat u mean "can i come visit"? visit d oyster aunty?