Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yummy weekend

Another post about food. Started with saturday evening when suddenly i wanted 2 eat satay celup. So, my mum & I went to Ong Kim Wee for Satay Celup. Reached there around 7 pm & the shop was already packed with people. I considered myself as lucky cos there was only 1 empty table left. Haha.. Perfect!! Quickly got to that table before someone had that seat. Here are some pictures before i started enjoying my food.

All the fried stuffs.

Fishballs, seafood & meat. (raw stuffs except the quail's eggs).

All the stuffs were dipped & left in the boiling gravy for it to cook.

After few minutes, all the stuffs were entering my stomach 1-by-1. Muah! DELICIOUS!! Love the nice aroma & thickness taste of the gravy. The combination of spicy, sweet & sour gravy will make your taste buds crave for more each time it enters your mouth. Ahh.. ~HEAVENLY!!~ Took me about 15 sticks of satay celup before my stomach surrendered for any extra stick. Hey, for those of you that think i finished the whole thing, you are totally wrong ok!

After dinner, went Jusco for window shopping. Nothing that caught my interest. Dropped by Papparoti and bought a bun before heading home.

This morning (Sunday) ,i woke up & got a good news from my dad. What izit about? Well, it's private. so i'll just keep it to myself. My dad received a phone call from my uncle who suggested that we go makan breakfast together. So, my dad called my 1st aunty & uncle to join us as well. We had our breakfast in Ong Kim Wee again... but not satay celup, but dim sum. The shop is the 1st shop, located at the same row of satay celup shop. This was my 1st time having dim sum in this shop. I usually had my dim sum in Bukit Beruang. For me, the dim sum here juz taste ok. Nothing so special. I prefer dim sum in Bukit Beruang. But my uncle (who suggested us having breakfast together) said that the "bak pau" there is nice because the filling is not too dry. I can't comment much about it coz i'm not 1 of "bak pau's" fan. As they were enjoying themselves doing one of my family's all time favourite activity (eating), they chat & their topic of the day was about car & the "good news". I juz spent most of my time listening, exploring my uncle's new hp & snap some pictures.

Some of the dim sum.

The "bak pau".

After breakfast, went to my grandaunty's place for some "bonding" activity. Went home bout 2.30pm. At 2.50pm, my grandma came with my 2nd uncle, followed by my 1st aunt & uncle 5 minutes later. Another family gathering.. that means.. more food, more eating.. Haiz.. My mum came back from work with bread & biscuits. So, we had bread+kaya, bread+sardine, biscuits, coffee & fruits for tea. sry.. no pic this time cos busy preparing food (not bz eating!! i did not take anything. Still can feel the dim sum + pau in my stomach) & layan them. They went back around 5.45 pm & mum busy preparing dinner.

Looks like food & my family can't be separated. From the stories my grandma or i call "mama" told me, looks like this "all time favourite activity" had been inherited from 1 generation to 1 generation.


Chris@dotagaki said...

Sedap.... Im juz afraid the nex time I c u, I can't recognize u dy.

Elaine said...

Ya.. even now also i think u can't recognize me edy. Haha..