Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Oh no!! Looks like for the past few days i'm having a food fiesta. ARGH!!! Better stop before...(u know what will happen).. haiz. My mama came yesterday. So, after class yesterday, i brought her to visit her great-grandson.. yes, my nephew.

Finger licking good.

My cousin was there during that time & since she had not take her lunch, brought her to Windmill. At first I planned not to eat anything but in the end i ordered a plate of spaghetti. Aiyo!! eat some more..

My cousin enjoying her Gordon Bleu.

This morning, went to Seri Negeri with Yee lin & Jasmine. The clerks there work so.... super.... slowww & kinda rude... OMG!!! They should learn some manners & communication skill. I asked for a "specific form" from a malay clerk but she answered me with that some sort of angry tone.. Hello!! i'm not doin anything wrong!!! I'm not asking Money from you (clerk)!! Oh, maybe she is angry bcoz she has to wake up from her chair & walk for few steps to get the forms for us! After we took the form, hang around to take a look at the form 1st, in case got anything want to ask them. When we wanted to ask them something, no one was at the counter. They can juz ignore us there without asking whether we need help, although they can "SEE" us there. The same thing happen to 2 malay ladies who came in later, but at least they entertain them. ARGH! I saw them busy packing some school bags (should be for the unfortunate children), but there were bout 4-5 people there takkan 1 fella also cannot entertain us. How la wanna improve government agencies' service if their workers are all like this. At last, we just left & went Dataran Pahlawan to buy something.

Before we walk around finding the stuff we wanted, of course we have to let our stomach have what they want since it was noon+ i dun take any breakfast in the morning. So, we went to a Japanese restaurant in Dataran (forgotten wat's the name, but it's opposite Gintell.. i think). Too hungry to snap pics until we finish our lunch.

Hi!! We are Elaine!!

Me & Jas.

We walk around to find the things we need. After tired walking, we went to eat herbal jelly in Melaka Raya. The shop's name is Chuang Chun Herbal Sdn. Bhd. The shop is located just 2 doors before Starbizz (Melaka Raya). It is my first time here. I like the setting & interior design of the shop. There are many few flavors of herbal jelly that you can find here. For a reasonable price, you can get a bowl of this original herbal jelly.

Herbal Jelly Menu.

Let's see whether my food fiesta will stop here or not. I really really need to stop this "mouth exercise" thingy.

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Chris@dotagaki said...

the clerk no manners, u juz use ur nyonya power and give her a tight slap la. And use ur bm power to verbally assault her lol.