Saturday, December 27, 2008

Celebrating Christmas.

When everyone was busy celebrating Christmas on 25th DEC, i had my own special way to celebrate it although I'm not a Christian la. I spent my time few days at my grandparents' place with my grandparents & cousins. i planned not to go back my grandparents place actually because i was too excited to meet my friends on Christmas day... but, unfortunately.. since my mum was working night shift, my dad + brother still in KL "SHOPPING" for CNY and my aunties & uncles place were full with their children, So i was left no choice but to go back to my grandparents place. Hei! it's not that I'm scared to stay alone at home OK.. It's just that there r lots of break-ins in my housing area these few days and my mum & grandma keep on telling me (a nicer word than "nagged") not to stay at home alone.. At last, being a good and obedient girl, i went home. Missed another chance to meet my friends.. Miss u all so much!! huhu..

Anyway, it's not that bad going back to my hometown, I love my hometown.. :)
Let's see, i spent almost half day at my great grandparents place, chat with my grandaunt, sleep & layan kerenah my 2 cousins.

My great grandparents house.. back THEN..


The following day, since there was nothing much to do, my grandma, me & my cousin made kuih cucur (actually we prepared the mixture the night before coz the mixture needs to be leave overnight).

The mixture prepared to be fry in low heat.

Doesn't it look like fried egg?

Nothing special.. wait till you overturn it.. see the next pic...

Nah.. see.. it looks like a hat..

Although it's quite oily, but it's nice.

While waiting for my parents to come back & fetch me home, we sat under the shady rambutan tree.

kampung girls look.

Went back Melaka few hours later. "Somebody" tak puas hati I balik rumah.. wahaha.. guess who.. hehe..

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