Friday, December 19, 2008

The peak period.

It's the peak period in trimester 2... very buzy with assignment, report, exams, meetings & etc.. Too many things in my mind. Can't really sleep this few days although i'm tired, dunno why. Maybe coz too hav too many things to do & worry. I can see dark circles forming under my eyes already. I tend to forget lots of things. Haiz... need to get some gingko nut for the brain. Having Quantitative Analysis test on this Saturday. Die lo.. not yet study anything + i dunno how to do the questions in tutorial.. how to do test??!! HOW?!!! HOW?!!! HOW?!!! Huhu... Someone please~ teach me Chapter 8..
Report for Managerial Communication debate have to hand in on monday. Have to finish it right after my test this saturday.

Can't stop thinking my brother enjoying his holiday & doing CNY shopping while i'm stuck here with tonnes of works!! I plan to go KL next week but, looks like can't make it. To my friends out there, if i'm still in Melaka next week, let's go out k? really need to give myself a break.

To all my friends, Good Luck for the coming test!!

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chris@dotagaki said...

Christmas eve got reunion rite? Any suggestions? Inform Lee Hoon, she is our SMBB reunion planner haha.