Thursday, December 11, 2008


Nothing much happen these few days. went out with my cousin & kinda sad coz can't join my frens for reunion. Sorry guys, meet u all next time. Yesterday went to watch musical play "The Given Gift" by MMU Christian Society. Lee Hoon & Siew See were there also.

The Given Gift

Juz came back from 2 meetings. aiyo.. tired leh. more meetings means... MORE WORK!! Juz got 1 1/2 pages of companies to call.. Wah!! looks like my phone bill this month is gonna be longer.. huhu.. luckily can claim but... I still have pay 1st though... There goes my budget for CNY shopping.. huhu.

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chris@dotagaki said...

Omg... totally forgotten bout that musical till today!!! Err... whr was I on the 9th...