Friday, January 16, 2009

Lee Hoon's birthday

Chinese New Year is just 1 week from now. I was busy cleaning the house for the past 5 days but till now still not yet complete. haha.

Today went out with few of my friends to celebrate Lee Hoon's birthday. Just a simple girls outing. Went makan, jalan-jalan & chit chat. Since we had nothing to do, we went to snap photos in Dataran Pahlawan.. haha.. so cekik senang edy. Here are some of the pictures.. (sorry low quality pictures because of the glitter thingy).

The only thing i understand is "DREAM". Haha..


nice background..

Limited Edition of "LOOK" magazine.

For more pictures, take a look at my friendster.

Happy Birthday Lee Hoon!

Hope you enjoy your day. *wink..wink..*

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Enjoying life..

At last... freedom for 3 weeks. wahaha..
what can be nicer than having holiday for 3 weeks? Although it's holiday, but I still have lots of things to do. 1st thing is cleaning my house. CNY is bout 2 weeks from now. next will be the sponsorship thingy [FBL & Movie club (MUMOS)]. I really need to think how to get money especially for the MUMOS Nite.

I managed to finish my BQT paper although i don't really study for this subject. Can answer all la but whether correct or not, i dunno la. Whether all my answers correct or not is another story because the main thing i managed to finish it. I had a terrible headache + my whole body seram sejuk (with slight fever) the night before & can't concentrate study, so slept quite early. This morning woke up with the "blur" face & felt like i dunno anything about BQT. huhu.. I was really scared.. can feel my heartbeat beating faster every single minute. Luckily i manage to answer all the questions. FUH!!

Now what I need is a deep sleep. Too tired worrying bout exam this few days. erm... zzzzz.....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

1 paper done, 1 more to go.

BMC paper was done yesterday. Kinda relieved (although I'm not 100% satisfied with my answer) because the reading subject is OVER!!. woohoo!!
This saturday will be my last paper BQT. Can't wait for it to be over.. What will happen after that? Prepare for CNY!!! wahahaha!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pre-final Examination Syndrome

Final examination starting this Wednesday!! Argh!!! First paper is BMC1024 : managerial communication. The subject sounds kinda grand rite? It is quite interesting actually but wait till you need to study for final examination.. You will be crying with this book. huhu..
It is a reading subject and this is when the Pre-final Examination Syndrome attacks me. Wanna know what kind of sickness is this? Have a look...

9.00 am: Open book.. 1st page (with high determination and enthusiasm)

9.02 am : 2nd page...

Half way reading...


Ok.. make it through the next page after finish reading the whole page. (read & stare at the same lines for more than 5 minutes but still can't enter into the brain).

9.15 am : 3rd page..

After few minutes...


The only time that i can keep reading although I'm very very sleepy is the night before exam. Haiz.. it's like a sleeping potion everytime I open the book. I wonder if anybody else having the same syndrome with me..

How am I gonna go through this? I don't have the answer myself. there's no medicine that can cure this. Huhu.. Just can wish myself Good Luck for the exam.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009!!

Weehoo!! Welcome 2009!! Looks like another new year is here which means another new beginning. I wonder what is stored for me in year 2009.
Aha!! 1st up is the FINAL EXAM waiting for me on 7th & 10th January. What a "LOVELY" gift to welcome 2009. Next up is Chinese New Year (CNY) on 26th January which makes me excited & worried at the same time. Excited because can't wait to meet my relatives & friends and as a bonus, get "ang pows" (what is CNY without money.. Wahaha). Worried because there's so uch things to do before CNY. what's next i do not know. let's just wait & see.

Whenever a new year comes, people can't run away from talking about new year resolution. It that really matters? If yes, how come there are people who makes the same resolution every year but did not make any effort to make their resolution turn into reality? (erm.. that sounds like me.. hehe).
So this year, these are few things that i want to make it possible:
  • Be more hardworking.. (jangan malas lagi!!)
  • Stop procrastinating my work..
  • Spend less & save more.. (not kedekut!)
  • Be more patient.. (there's still a limit..ok)
  • etc..

Hopefully all or "most" of the things i wanted to do can be done by the end of this year.