Friday, January 16, 2009

Lee Hoon's birthday

Chinese New Year is just 1 week from now. I was busy cleaning the house for the past 5 days but till now still not yet complete. haha.

Today went out with few of my friends to celebrate Lee Hoon's birthday. Just a simple girls outing. Went makan, jalan-jalan & chit chat. Since we had nothing to do, we went to snap photos in Dataran Pahlawan.. haha.. so cekik senang edy. Here are some of the pictures.. (sorry low quality pictures because of the glitter thingy).

The only thing i understand is "DREAM". Haha..


nice background..

Limited Edition of "LOOK" magazine.

For more pictures, take a look at my friendster.

Happy Birthday Lee Hoon!

Hope you enjoy your day. *wink..wink..*


jas_natelie said...

nice day uh?? accidentally bumped into me lagi.. =P

Elaine said...

yup.. hehe..

jas_natelie said...

happy happy cny! *hugz*

chris@dotagaki said...

why no guys de...sexist betul. Happy belated bday lee hoon.

Elaine said...

Jas- Happy CNY!!
chris- u all guys x de kat melaka ma..