Saturday, January 10, 2009

Enjoying life..

At last... freedom for 3 weeks. wahaha..
what can be nicer than having holiday for 3 weeks? Although it's holiday, but I still have lots of things to do. 1st thing is cleaning my house. CNY is bout 2 weeks from now. next will be the sponsorship thingy [FBL & Movie club (MUMOS)]. I really need to think how to get money especially for the MUMOS Nite.

I managed to finish my BQT paper although i don't really study for this subject. Can answer all la but whether correct or not, i dunno la. Whether all my answers correct or not is another story because the main thing i managed to finish it. I had a terrible headache + my whole body seram sejuk (with slight fever) the night before & can't concentrate study, so slept quite early. This morning woke up with the "blur" face & felt like i dunno anything about BQT. huhu.. I was really scared.. can feel my heartbeat beating faster every single minute. Luckily i manage to answer all the questions. FUH!!

Now what I need is a deep sleep. Too tired worrying bout exam this few days. erm... zzzzz.....

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