Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009!!

Weehoo!! Welcome 2009!! Looks like another new year is here which means another new beginning. I wonder what is stored for me in year 2009.
Aha!! 1st up is the FINAL EXAM waiting for me on 7th & 10th January. What a "LOVELY" gift to welcome 2009. Next up is Chinese New Year (CNY) on 26th January which makes me excited & worried at the same time. Excited because can't wait to meet my relatives & friends and as a bonus, get "ang pows" (what is CNY without money.. Wahaha). Worried because there's so uch things to do before CNY. what's next i do not know. let's just wait & see.

Whenever a new year comes, people can't run away from talking about new year resolution. It that really matters? If yes, how come there are people who makes the same resolution every year but did not make any effort to make their resolution turn into reality? (erm.. that sounds like me.. hehe).
So this year, these are few things that i want to make it possible:
  • Be more hardworking.. (jangan malas lagi!!)
  • Stop procrastinating my work..
  • Spend less & save more.. (not kedekut!)
  • Be more patient.. (there's still a limit..ok)
  • etc..

Hopefully all or "most" of the things i wanted to do can be done by the end of this year.


chris@dotagaki said...

Happy New Year... hope ur new year resolution jadik...

...Yee Lin... said...

Sure you can,lin.. all the best!