Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Final exam + eating

Final exam is here again. Don't know why I feel that this semester pass really fast. Suddenly realize that my final exam starting this coming Tuesday. O.O

While others are busy studying for final, I'm busy eating.
I've been spending my time eating MORE than the time to study. =.="
Not that I'm busy visiting my Muslims' friends Hari Raya open house, but I've been busy with my own family and relatives gathering.

Three days of non-stop eating. Started with my granduncle's birthday dinner last Saturday.
It's a 10 course dinner i think (normally is 8 course dinner right?).
The kids are the most happy ones, meet their cousins all about the same age, play & laugh like there's no tomorrow. The adults are busy stuffing their mouth with the food & "updating themselves with the latest family news". hehe..

The next day, lunch at my grandaunt's house.
Another whole round of eating, talking & laughing.
Super tired by the time I reached home.

Then, yesterday, continue eating activities at my grandparents place.
My aunties,uncles & cousins are already there by the time I'm there.
I don't know we actually eat for brunch (yea, i reached my grandparents place almost noon), lunch, tea or dinner.
One thing for sure is we've been eating non-stop throughout the day.

Too busy eating to snap the pictures. there are only two pictures that i managed to take.
Aunt making curry puff.

The kids enjoying themselves.
Okay, it's time for me to quarantine myself to study.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sakura House

Craving for Japanese food?
Want something delicious, cheap & different from the ordinary Sushi King or other japanese restaurant?
The answer is Sakura House.

This is actually a single storey terrace house in Duyong, which is converted into a restaurant (restaurant sounds big for me).

Look out for these lanterns & banners outside of the house.

Address & phone number.

It's advisable to call & make reservation in advance in order to make sure you'll have a place to sit. This place usually a full house during its operating hours.

You can also order your food in advance to save the waiting time.

Map to Sakura House

Operating hours.

Some pictures of the Sakura house.




Lets look at the menu..
Before that, they serve free flow of japanese green tea. *Great*

Menu 1

Menu 2

Menu 3

Menu 4

Menu 3 & 4 with pictures.

Dine -in with a group of friends to complement the delicious food.

Waiting for our food to be served.
(look at our hungry faces.. hehe..)

Finally... after waiting for sometime..

Here are some of the food that we ordered.

Unagi eel sushi

From left: Califonia hand roll & Crab hand rolls



My Mix Furai Bento. :D

My soft shell crab. *heart* :D

Everyone was enjoying themselves with the food.

want prove? see the picture below...

Look at Sherryn & Jasmine's happy faces. Hehe :P

In few minutes time...

All food gone. haha..

All cleared in few minutes.

Oh before I forget, to show how much we were happy with the food, we made a "special" gift to the owner.


I'll definitely want to go there again. Anybody wants to join me?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Family Heritage

Went dinner at Family Heritage yesterday with Sherryn, Yee Lin & Cherylyn.
Decided to eat western food. Unfortunately, bad choice.. Should ate their eastern food instead (although not that nice.. but still ok la). The western food was like... Ewww..!! still can imagine the weird smell while i'm typing this.. *Yuckssss*
Yee Lin's Cordon Bleu.
(Don't be fooled by their nice presentation, not that nice, but still acceptable)

Sherryn's Black Pepper Chicken Chop.
(Well.. if you look properly, you can see the meat covered with the super dark black pepper sauce)
"Tasteless" according to Sherryn.

Then, here comes the worst food ever.

Spaghetti Al Presto Calamari.
(Swt.. name so glamour.. but the taste... *Yucks*)

I've really had a bad feeling once my food was served. The smell was soooo strong. I can even smell it although I'm having a block nose..

The only edible food for that nite were the....

Cinnamon Buns
( The 1st item was serve to us.
well... we were too hungry and only remembered to snap photos halfway eating)

Mushroom Soup


Cherylyn's Brownie.

My first and last having western food in Family Heritage. *Vomit*