Sunday, June 20, 2010

My 21st Birthday Celebration (Part 1) 13/6/2010

Weehoo!! I've turn 21. hahaha.. more mature nw perhaps? :P
If you are wondering how's my birthday celebration, I'll tell you 1 word..
Well, at least for me la.
I can't ask anything more than having good time with my family & friends for my birthday celebrations ( Yeah, celebration'S'. I had 2 separate parties for family & friends).

I planned to have both family & friends in a single party, but due to certain circumstances, got to forget bout it.
A small celebration itself was almost impossible in the beginning due to "some reasons", but suddenly few days before my birthday weekend (my actual birthday is on 16/6), I got the news that it is confirmed that there's gonna be a celebration. Imagine all the work that need to be done in a short period of time. *Phewww*

Oh, did i mention that it took place at my grandparents' place?
2 main reasons:
1) My house is too small to accommodate so many people.

2) It's durian season, where else can we get to taste good durians besides from our own trees rite? haha.

It's durian season people... :D

I went back 2 days earlier to help with the preparation.
Few family members and relatives came back on the eve to help with the ingredient preparation.
And at night, everyone slept late. Nt because of busy preparing the cooking ingredients, but chatting. haha.. Normal case when relatives gather together, lots of laughter. ^^

Having 'round table meeting' :P

I woke up at 5 am in the morning with intention to help with the cooking. I thought I woke up quite early, but once i entered the kitchen, to my surprise, the ladies (grandma, mum & aunts) already started cooking. Lolz. I wonder what time they all woke up.. 4 am? or did they actually sleep that night? haha.

We prepare all the food on our own, except for the satay and nyonya kuih; pulut tekan & kuih ku (not enough time to make lo) . The head chefs for the day are my grandma & youngest aunt.
They even setup 2 cooking stations.

My youngest aunt cooking at cooking station 1. ^^

My grandma in action at cooking station 2. ^^

And few hours later, we had 2 tables covered with food.
Menu of the day:
chicken curry, nasi lemak, fried noodles, fried yee mee, mix vege, ikan bakar (grilled fish, fried assam prawns, sambal nanas, chicken cocktails, nuggets, drummets, lemang... ( can't remember what we had some more).
not to forget the telur merah (hard-boiled egg coated with red colouring on it's shell) , a must have at every chinese birthday celebration. And for my 21st birthday, 21 telur merah in total ^^

Food on table 1.

Food on table 2.

Full view.

Other relatives started coming by 11 am. Lunch started around 12 pm.

Makan-makan 1.

Makan-makan 2.

Makan-makan 2.

Then, it was cake cutting time. haha..
My cake was sponsored by my cousin sister. *Thanks jie jie*
If you ask why my cake is not in the shape of a key, my answer is..
I don't want "key" shape cake. hahaha.
Nobody say 21st birthday cake MUST be in key shape right?

Yummy Strawberry cake.

Blowing candles.

Cutting cake accompanied by 2 'heroes' .

Cutting cake for relatives.

Around 3.30 pm, most of my relatives started going back (afraid that they might be stuck in traffic jam). Clearing time~~~

Clear.. clear.. clear..

I really had a great time.
Really appreciate all of them for coming all the way (some from KL) just to attend.
Not to forget everyone who contributed their help throughout the celebration, thank you so much ^^

P/s : The second part of the celebration will be in my next post. ^^