Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009 (part 1)

Hopefully it's not too late for me to update about my Chinese New Year (CNY) Celebration. I was quite busy this semester. I have 6 subjects this semester.. *Pheww..* can't imagine how my life gonna be by the end of this semester.
Anyway, back to the story, this year I'm lucky because I got the chance to go back my grandparents place. Usually I'll go back on the eve of CNY. If I'm not mistaken, the last time I had the chance to go back early (grandparents' place) is during my primary school period. *Fuh* lamanye..
Well, I went back early to help my mama (grandma) with the preparation. Here is one tip for you people on how to handle kids + make your work easier. Hehe. If you can't stop them from disturbing you doing work, let them "help" you while you sit back and relax. wahaha..

Me: Cepat lap! Lap sampay berkilat!

"Tengok, gua rajin tak?"

One thing that come across the visitors' minds every time they come to my grandparent's place is of course MANY MANY DELICIOUS FOOD!! All the ingredients for the food are prepared starting as early as 2 days before CNY.. non-stop. And the next thing you know is that all the food habis licin in few hours!!

The kitchen at 4 am 1st day CNY morning. This budak also sibuk wake up so early.

The best "chong po" (cook).. my mama.

Lai! lai! taste my home made longan+lychee jelly.

The kids are usually the most happy ones when it comes to CNY. No need do work and their only work is collecting ang pows. Haiz, miss my younger days when at the end of the 1st day of CNY, my bro, uncle (not married during that time) & me will sit together to count and compare our ang pow collection. Haha..

Happy Chinese New Year!!

What are you doing?

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