Monday, February 16, 2009

Yee Lin's Birthday

Went Yee Lin's birthday party at her house yesterday. Jasmine, Sherryn & me were the earliest there around 4.00 pm we reached there already. Not because we all so greedy & tak sabar-sabar wanna eat ok.., but just to accompany the birthday girl & share her happiness with her (Awww.. are you touched Yee Lin?).

While waiting for other guests to arrive we make ourselves busy karaoke-ing.Yee Lin & Jasmine are showing their singing skill.
More and more guest started coming around 6 something. Everyone was enjoying their time with the delicious food & karaoke session.

Me & Yee Lin.
After we enjoyed our sumptuous dinner & birthday cake, what else can a bunch of girls do?
Take a look for yourself...
Say cheese...

and more photos..

Proper group photo for the album.

Thanks to Yee Lin & her family for being a great host. Looking forward for your next birthday party next year. Hehe.. :P

Just wanna take this opportunity to wish Yee Lin



...Yee Lin... said...

Thanks ee lin!!
I feel so touch actually... for having all of you as my friend and being so nice, kind, sweet..etc..
Muacks! Love~~ Hope our friendship last forever. God bless! ^^

Elaine said...

Love you too. Friendship forever..

jas_natelie said...

u're tagged!! check my blog