Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009 (part 2)

Went out with my friends on the 4th & 5th day of CNY. Had a great time with all of them. Let the pictures do all the talking.. (Thanks Lee Hoon for the pictures! :D )

We are not gambling ok.. Playing "BLUR game".
Enjoying ourselves.


Another pic.

All girls..

We went Pn. Choo's hse on the 5th day of CNY.

Which one is Pn. Choo?


jas_natelie said...

wow nice gathering lar...

Elaine said...


chris@dotagaki said...

yalo... nice gathering. Ee lin x habis makan maruku.... main tipu.

Elaine said...

I'm too full la. Plus need to simpan space for dinner at vsia hse ma. hehe.