Friday, November 28, 2008

Lucky me?

I was sleeping when suddenly i heard a ringing tone. I was thinking tat the tone is very familiar but where did i heard it b4? I thought it was a dream till my mum who was rushing to work woke me up & handed me my old hp. Aha!! that's my old hp's ringing tone (i had entered another sim card in that phone) , no wonder it sounded familiar. With a groggy head, I picked up the phone and i heard a teenage malay guy's voice. This was what happened this morning. It might not be the exact word but it has the same meaning.


Me: Hello.

Stranger: Hello. Adib ada tak?

Me: Salah nombor.

Stranger: Ni siapa?

Me: Ni rumah orang Cina.

Stranger: Apasal orang cina cakap Melayu?

Me: Suka hati saya la. ( I was thinking that u r talking in malay and of course la i reply in malay.Plus, why should i explain to a stranger why i speak malay?)

Stranger: Ni siapa ni?

Me: Ni rumah Cina. Awak salah nombor.

Stranger: Eh, tapi ni bukan orang cina. Ni siapa ni?

Me: Ni rumah Cina la. ( In my heart i was saying "hw la i wanna proof that i am a Chinese?". An in the 1st place, why should i proof to u?)

Stranger: Ni bukan cina ni.

Me: *quiet* ( In my heart, I was cursing him for disturbing my sleep and he thought that i was playing a fool with him. Come on man, i slept at 2.00 am & my sleep was more precious than playing a trick on u at 6.40 am in the morning).

* Hung up*

After bout 4 minutes...


Stranger: Hello.

Me: Salah nombor.

Stranger: Sorry.. sorry..


Actually, this was not my 1st experience. Before this, there was a chinese man (his voice sounded like someone who was in his late 40's) called and asking for some stranger in Mandarin. Argh!! I dun 1 to mention wat happened, makes me angry when thinking bout it. Had to admit that i'm a "banana" or a chinese who does not know hw to speak chinese (but i can understand ok..), that doesn't make me & some other people in the same category "weird". Instead, i categorize it as " unique". Anyway, i would like to thank that malay guy coz he gave me a morning/ wake up call, or else i might overslept & missed my 8.00 am class.. So, I'll forgive u for disturbing me early in the morning.

After the 4 hours (2hours BMC lecture & 2 hours BQT tutorial) torturing of sleepy,cold & hungry (didn't take anything for breakfast), at last we called it a day in campus. Haha.. I became awake as soon as the tutor said "class dismiss". Another reason i was awake coz i was goin to meet someone whom i had not met for a long time. What i can say is, i'm the last person she met before she went "missing in action" and now the 1st among my frens to meet her. So, can guess who? Of course she is a girl.

Presenting.... (drumroll)...


Pav's latest exclusive photo.

We went Mori Cafe to hav our lunch + talk + gossip for nearly 3 hours.. Oh ya! we met Kannan, another "long-lost-fren" there. Another picture of pav.

Pav: Hi everyone! Let's go yam cha together one day ya.

Aik!! Why today i membebel so much ar? K la. Better stop nw or else....


yee lin said...

Hahaha..the conversation between the stranger and you was really funny la.. *aiyo lin, you speak good malay ma..that's y ppl don't believe u*haha!

Elaine said...

yee lin,i agree with you. haha!

Chris@dotagaki said...

aiyo, u can spare yourself that misery by juz saying u nyonya melaka ma. Btw, pav birthday today, so a shoutout to her, happy bday. Haiz, nex time u should take a pic beside her ma, so we can compare and contrast lol.