Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wat Happen??

Today i woke up early to prepare 4 BMC tutorial. haiz, last nite too tired to practise. Too preoccupied practise d tutorial presentation, suddenly i realize. OMG!! I'm late!! Need to get ready for class.. I was rushing loading my things into the car. Suddenly... OH NO!!! My right hand middle finger kena kepit in between my car door & the wall.. OUCHH!! i can see it was swelling & turning into blue-black.. I was actually wanted to stop the car door from banging against the wall, but.. my finger become the victim.. huhu.

It had been raining cats & dogs since 4 sumthin'. haiz.. another wet day. class ended at 5 pm. I went home i discovered the driveway was very dirty. Haiz.. another work 4 me 2 clean it. The heavy rain must hav caused all d water & sand flowed into my driveway again since the road is higher than my driveway. luckily it didn't enter my house, or else... u all cn imagine.. Half way cleaning, my mum came back from work.. guess wat? she bought back "nasi lemak kukus" for dinner... haha.. Nice treat for me after cleaning the dirty stuff.

After dinner, got ready to attend sponsorship division meeting for charity nite. I'm responsible to contact 4 companies. Back home arnd 8.45 pm, despite feeling sleepy(must be d effect after eating nasi lemak) still hav BQT tutorial questions to do.
Although really tak larat edy, but still gagahkan diri to do. haiz.. k la.. gotta continue doin my tutorial ques or else i can't sleep 2nite..


~*Sharing To The World*~ said...

Eleh... heboh with tht finger of urs being blue-black... Hoping for someone to give u plaster or anything tht can 'reduce the pain!!!'...
hehe... just joking though... I'll make sure ur blogs are always updated with comments. dnt wry. =P

Your's truly
penyibuk ym

Elaine said...

Haha. thx ym. teruskan menjadi penyibuk in my blog. i terima with tangan terbuka.

Chris@dotagaki said...

got anyting in ur post that x melibatkan makanan... mesti je ade haha

Elaine said...

biasa la..