Thursday, August 6, 2009


Went to interview a company for one of my assignment (not gonna mention which company).
Hmm... what can i say, the moment 6 of us enter the office, they was like unprepared to to meet with us. Although we sent the approval letter earlier.
Anyway, the whole interview went on quite well. It's just that I'm not really satisfied with the answers given by the person in charge. Buat penat only I asked long questions, the person in charge reply me with 1 word for each question, either YUP, NO or DEPENDS. Most of the answers are depends with brief explanation.
See... now I have the difficulty on doing my assignment. No need say do, start also don't know how to start. Waaa!!!
After the interview, we asked permission to see their training room since they said they had 1 upstairs. The person in charge agreed and brought us there.
The moment we saw the training room, we was like.. O.O
We expected to see any high-tech equipments that they use to train their staffs. But..
What we saw was 2 tables & chairs, besides a pool table outside the room (for the purpose of employees' recreational).
I will laugh everytime i think of that incident. haha. Funny duh seeing our facial expression.
Expectation too high already.
According to the person in charge, the equipment will only be brought to the room during training sessions.
At last, in order to get more materials for assignment, we asked permission to visit their shop & snaps some pictures there.
Anyway, I grade the overall interview as Satisfactory.
It does help us for our assignment although not as good as I expected.
Thanks to the company. :)

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...Yee Lin... said...

All the best though..
I'm sure you can do even with little info.