Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rambutan Season

I supposed to blog about this last month but because of my "tight" schedule (*ahem* wah.. wah.. sounds as if I'm doing big business like that.. so busy.. haha) this post & next few posts will be the updates of what I've been doing for the past 1 month.
Rambutan season is here again. As usual, went back grandparents place to join the crowd enjoying the fruit.
The easiest way to get lots of Rambutan at the same time is to chop down the branch. And Tadaa!!!
You'll have lots of rambutans in front of your eyes.

Rambutan... Rambutan.. Rambutan..
Sounds easy right? But actually NOT.
Firstly, you'll need the experts to plan the strategy to make sure that the branch will fall at the right place & most important won't hempap anyone. (*lame*)
Secondly, get to work. (*So lame*)
See my uncle, so bersemangat. Got sprained ankle can climb some more.

Next, my favorite part, burn the weaver ants' (kerengga) nest. this is when you can see all the soldiers (kerengga) come out & attack you in order to protect their nest & their lives. But too bad, all hangus rentung in just few seconds.
Anyone wants to eat rambutan bakar?

Finally, can take your time to pluck the rambutan.
Mama & aunt at work.

A video just for fun. haha.


goincrazixo said...

Nice blog!


chris@dotagaki said...

duno y but i love to burn kerenggas, quite similar to burning live children! wahahahaahaha

Elaine said...

>>goincrazixo>> thanks.

>>Chris>> OMG!! Pity your students. =.="