Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rachel 21st Bday, Assignment & Food

Attended Rachel's 21st birthday on 25th of July.
We went to her house quite early, around 6 pm.
Quite early for a birthday party to start right? Well, what to do... since we have another important matter to settle later that night - watch dance performance for our National Dance assignment.
Thanks Rachel, for the warm hospitality & great varieties of food. :D

From left: Rachel, Yee Lin, Ee Lin, Sherryn & Jasmine.


Around 8 pm, we left Rachel's house & convoyed to Mydin MITC to watch the dance performances by the Briged Seni Melaka dancers.
While we were waiting for the performance to start, saw few Mydin employees loading lots of stuffs into a HUGE trolley next to the stage.
When I say HUGE, I really mean it.

Malaysia's Book of Record had certified it as The Largest Shopping Cart in Malaysia.

Largest Shopping Cart in Malaysia.
Back to the dance, the whole performance took about 40-45 minutes.
There were 11 types of ethnic dances that night.
(There comes my assignment, 11 types of dances. Fuh! =.=")

Briged Seni Melaka Dancers.
The dancers sure felt as though they were pop stars that night, with so many people capturing photos & recording videos for the sake of assignment. haha.
All students kiasu getting materials for assignment.
This is just few of them.
Didn't manage to snap more photos coz busy concentrating on the stage.
After the show, all of us went to eat fish head beehoon (name only fish head, but actually it is fish fillets) for supper. The soup is tasty. I wonder whether the sweetness of the soup comes from the fish or lots of MSG. The fish fillets are crunchy & not too dry. Worth every sen of my money. haha.

Fish fillet bee hoon.


chris@dotagaki said...

U shud come to penang and try the fish noodle. Really good... Even the noodle is made of fish paste.

Elaine said...

Sounds nice. One day... I'll go & try.

...Yee Lin... said...

yea..the fish fillet is nice. made me thirsty the whole night.

LoL..too much MSG..

Elaine said...

>>Yee Lin>> Cannot eat always. later we become bald. haha.