Friday, December 11, 2009

"Ang Pow" from

No, it's not Chinese New Year yet.

It's not my birthday either.

Then how come I received an "ang pow" (red packet) all of a sudden?



Well, I won the competition organized by Chris Lim few months back and received my prize yesterday.
The grand prize suppose to be RM50 handphone top-up credit,
but since I'm a postpaid user, i got CASH instead.
I didn't expect to win at all.
Thanks Chris. ^^

(p/s: I'm not using or promoting Maxis ^^)


vee-sia said...

perghhhh.... cash siot! EE LIN BELANJA!!!!

chris_lim said...

yaya ee lin belanja!!

SJ said...

wow didnt know maxis gives ang pow too

A smile from SJ =)

jas_natelie said...

wah... eelin.. thanks for the "treat" first ya.. =P

...Yee Lin... said...

so ee lin gonna treat everybody? generous..include me k!! thanks in advance.. ^^keke

Elaine said...

>>vee-sia>> can, no prob.

>>chris>> no prob. hehe.

>>SJ>> no. the ang pow not from maxis. ^^

>>Jas>> huh? what "treat"?

>>Yee Lin>> sure.hehe.

Pav said...

eelin g beli bag wif the ang pow..

Elaine said...

>>Pav>. no la. x cukup duit. all nak minta belanja. XD

vee-sia said...

haha go get ur bag ee lin!! u deserve it... dont dgr ckap org x malu... wakakakaka!!!

Elaine said...

>>Vsia>> haha.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Elaine, well done! Okay, can go shopping, ha ha.
I understand you're a beautiful pianist. Good for you.
Love girls who play the piano.
Okay, if got time play for me, 'To love again'.
You have a pleasant week, best regards, Lee.

Elaine said...

>>Uncle Lee>> Hi, Uncle Lee. I think you got the wrong person. I am not a pianist, but my friend (another Elaine) is.

Anyway, have a nice day. ^^

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Elaine, hey...I saw you at my Immigration check point and when I cleared you, I lost you completely on my radar.
Where did you come in? I am not able to locate you.
So regret unable to read nor reply you. Best regards, lee.

Elaine said...

>>Uncle Lee>> no problem Unclee Lee, I'll send you another comment. ^^

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Elaine, yes...that present was for you. Thank you, have a nice day, Lee.

Elaine said...

>>Uncle Lee> Thanks, Uncle Lee.