Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tortura 2-Medival Instrument of Punishment Exhibition

Public and private universities are on holidays now.
My friends are all back here in hometown.
While everyone is enjoying the holidays, I'm busy with all the assignments, midterms, quizzes & final exam which is just 2 weeks from now.
I just can't figure it out why MMU holidays are always different from other universities.
It's difficult to arrange time to hangout and catch up with my friends, especially during the busy short sem.
Anyway, we still manage to find some time to hangout.
Had a great time with them for the pass few days. Time really flies whenever we are together.
Ok..ok.. enough, let's move on to the main topic.
Last Wednesday, Lee Hoon, Siew See & me went shopping after my dental appointment.
Before we begin our so call "shopping spree" (can't forget what happen that day, only 3 of us know what happen.. hehe), i suggested that we visit the exhibition on
Medieval Instruments of Punishment (Tortura 2) in Bastion House.
As stated by the name, it shows the instruments used to punish people.
What I can say here is, most of the punishments are really CRUEL!!
Although the punishments were meant for people convicted with various crimes, but it is still so cruel.
Here are some pictures of the instruments.
These are low quality pictures taken using my handphone.

The Inquisitional Chair.
A wooden seat covered with spikes with belts to tie victim down so that he becomes incapable of escape with the spikes piercing his flesh.

The Guillotine.
I'm sure most of us seen this instrument before in movies.
This instrument is use to behead unfortunates as far back as the 14th century.

The Roman Guillotine.
This is the forebear of guillotine. Blunt edge of wood is used instead of sharp blade to cut off the convicts head, which rips the flesh and the vertebrae.

Victim's belly was slit, a part of the intestine was hooked and attached to the rope, and the rest of the intestine were slowly rolled out. The victim usually lives through the whole process.
see the picture below..


Branding Irons.
Used for marking some convicts, usually on the shoulder blade, but often on the cheek or forehead. His or her crime was specified by a code of letters or symbols known to everyone in the land. see below...
Code of letters.
T=Thief, R=Raper ...etc..

Head Crusher.
The victim's chin is placed on the lower bar and the cap was forced down by the screw.
the teeth would be the first to be crushed into its sockets, thus smashing the surrounding bone.
Nowadays, it is use for the purpose interrogation. the cap and chin rest are padded with soft material to leave no mark on the victim.

The last few instruments below are called Branks.
Many branks had iron mouth pieces that permanently mutilated the tongue with sharp spikes and blades.
the victims, locked inti these masks, were staked out into the town square and treated roughly by the crowed.


Pav said...

yer....u all g tgk eh...tak aci...

...Yee Lin... said...

Gosh..can't believe that.

Even by just looking at those instruments on the pictures, I can imagine how scary it is.

Nice post lin.

vee-sia said...

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Y X AJAK???!!!! I pun mau pg leh..... grrrrr...

Elaine said...

>>Pav>> You have class that day le.

>>Yee Lin>> Thanks, Lin. Ya it's kinda scary especially with the music that they played.

>>Vsia>> We x plan la. That day went out shopping, then tetiba teringat, then pergi lo.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Elaine, wow! What a place. It didn't spoil your lunch appetite? Ha ha.
I think a good torture is starve someone 3 days, then put Kentucky fried chicken or prawn mee on a table, let person get the smell, ha ha.

Have a nice day, Elaine, Lee.
ps, study hard, the World is waiting for your footprints.

Elaine said...

>>Uncle Lee>> Hi, Uncle Lee. Luckily it didn't spoil my appetite. Ya, i agree with you. After 3 days, even a piece of bread will torture a person. haha.

Thanks, Uncle Lee.

SJ said...

wow..the chair

A smile from SJ =)

andy said...

wooooo ^^

Elaine said...

>>SJ>> Ya. It's kinda scary.

>>Andy>> wooo^^. hehe.