Sunday, April 26, 2009

Make it through..

At last MUMOS (Multimedia University Movie Society) Night 2009 is over last week (17 April 2009). *Relief* We (high committees) have gone through lots of problems from the beginning. From the committee recruitment till the night itself, there's always problems that pops-up which makes the event almost impossible. however, we still make it through till the end. Although not to the extend of having the "WOW!!" factor, but i would say that I'm satisfied with it. Not going to blog about it in detail. Congratulations to all the committees for their hard work to make this event possible.

After one-by-one problem came up during the day, the presence of these special people really makes my day. (Thanks Lee Hoon for the pics).

Thanks for bringing smile to my day.

Another shot.

And another shot... hehe..


jas_natelie said...

ee lin kena tagged! check my blog.. hahaha

chris@dotagaki said...

isyk pergi function x ajak me... Suan lo, i merajuk d

Elaine said...

>> Jas >> I do the tagged during holiday k? nw bz.. :)

>> Chris >> U so far away hw to ajak u? Dun merajuk la. Next gathering will be more fun. Wait for u 2 come back. :)