Sunday, May 3, 2009

Food Hunt

Went out with few of my frens that day for food hunt around Bunga Raya area. Not gonna blog the food hunt coz my frens blog bout it edy. Plus, i dun hav the pictures. haha . Saw this beautiful musical fountain during the trip.

For the food hunt story, visit Jasmine's blog. (Jasmine, thanks for the post.. Hehe..)


chris@dotagaki said...

apela... was expecting food here. Ok, go c ur frens blog...

jas_natelie said...

owch~ eelin!!! pic taken using n73 nt bad oso uh! keke envy envy~

swt.. thought u were joking tat u gonna link to my blog..
u did it! lolz

Elaine said...

>> chris >> sorry to disappoint you.

>> Jas >> of course l. dun look down on n73.. hehe..
I'm not joking bout the link thingy. haha..