Monday, May 4, 2009

What to cook?

Wake up early this morning and feels like cooking since i have no class today. Walk straight to the refrigerator. [Open the top door (freezer)]. Wah!! Good! there's fish & chicken.
(Open the lower compartment, search here & there). Found peria (bitter gourd). Great!!
I'm gonna cook "Ayam masak asam peria" & "Sweet sour (Promfret) fish". No vege today coz didn't realize there's cabbage there until i finish cooking.. huhu.. My mum called me mata sepet coz never open my eyes to find properly.. swt... hehe..

So, here's how both dishes turn up at the end..

Ayam masak asam peria
(not enough dried chillies, tat's why the gravy not red enough)
Take note!! more dried chillies next time!!

Sweet Sour Promfret
I guess both taste ok coz no negative comments received from my food critiques. Positive comments till now.. hehe..


eat-a-heaps said...

please let me know what you think of my artwork...

chris@dotagaki said...

uek hate peria! but the dishes looks edible... i hope.

Elaine said...

>> eat-a-heaps>> sure.

>> chris>> i hate peria too.. of course it's edible. haha..

...Yee Lin... said... lin knows how to cook!!
Haha~~ one day ...maybe you can cook and let us try??? ^^

Elaine said...

>> Yee Lin >> Sure. no prob. but if not nice dun complaint ok? haha..

Tong冬 said...

WOW! It looks nice and tasty!
Ee Lin, I really hope I can get the recipe or learn from you.
Haha, then I can prepare my own food on my 21st birthday party.^^

Elaine said...

>> Tong Yee >> sure no problem..