Saturday, May 9, 2009


Join the Wesak Day procession yesterday night. This is the 1st year i join the procession. Ha.. At last i manage to join the procession. I've always wanted to join the procession since my schooling days, but because of tuition and other stuffs, so I terpaksa lupakan eh.. should say tangguhkan my niat.

The 2 1/2 hours walk started from Seck Kia Eenh temple in Gajah Berang to clock tower to Jalan Hang Jebat and back to the temple. Took that opportunity to stroll around Melaka at night.

Saw several beautiful floats but at the end oni realize i didn't snap any pics. So, juz b4 i went back, i snap these pictures. (Sorry, low quality photos).

Happy Wesak Day!!


chris@dotagaki said...

oo i pernah join d procession once. Walk half way bosan then cabut entah ke mane... haha.

Elaine said...

>> Chris >> Apa la u. Ppl go pray u can cabut some more. hehe..