Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where Am I?

Final exam is just 4 days from now. 4 days!!! not 4 months.. or 4 weeks. I'm sure everyone is busy studying, revising or doing past year papers. But where am I? still stuck in the same subject. I'm moving really slow, slower than the snail. Haiz.. It's like others are reaching their destination & I'm just coming out from my house to start my journey.
What happen to me?!! I wonder.. I know the papers are not going to be easy, but... I just can't feel the tension or pressure.. I'm still in the super relaxing mood, doing nonsense.. I just feel demotivated to study... Izit because I'm too tension without realizing it myself till I dunno what to do & make me trap in this situation? I feel guilty to myself for being in this situation. Looking at my bro studying makes my feeling worse. But... it's just I can't make all the things i study stuck in my brain!!
Can I make it for the final? What ever it is, I still have to make it possible. huhu.. sad..


chris@dotagaki said...

believe me... im in d same situation maybe worse. Buku pun x angkat lagi. 4 more days to go...

jas_natelie said...

=.=" demotivated..
grab motivation to study from "ur fren" lar.. "ur fren" is good @ motivation stuffs wat?! :D

anyway, i'm sticking to 1 sub oso.. nth to b proud oso lar.. lolz

jz... everytime when u're doing sth else & sudd realie u shudn't.. then jz stay away from it.. studying in lib is a good decision :) get motivated when u see others studying like hell

Elaine said...

>> chris >> Let's pray that we can make it.

>> Jas >> Thx for ur advice. For me study in lib got 2 possibilities. 1)I'll study better if library not many ppl. 2) I'll ended up looking at ppl, nt study.. wahaha.

...Yee Lin... said...

Ee lin...
Actually..I'm feeling almost the same as you.
Haih...kinda demotivated when comes to studying.
Too many things happen lately..
BUT...what to do...HAVE to PUSH and FORCE myself..which makes me feel..
anyway....let us try our best k.
Very very best.
God bless...^^

Elaine said...

>> Yee Lin >> Ya. let's try our best!! :D