Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lantern Party

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Who says only small kids can play lantern? Who? Who? Who?
No rule stating that rite?
Who cares if there's any rule bout that. The most important thing is we have fun playing lantern rite?
So this year, my friends and I had lantern party during the mid-autumn festival.
I'm lucky to be back in Melaka just in time to join them for this.
As usual, there's always food when there's gathering. Another potluck session. ^^
For this time round, thanks to Kim and her parents for sponsoring venue and providing additional food for our gathering.

Our food for the night. ^^

First things first... makan time...

Nyum.... nyum.... nyum..

Meng & Ashok enjoying themselves at the corner.

After our makan-makan session.. time to have fun!!!!

Lee Hoon fixing the candle to a lantern.

Hanging lanterns.

So bersemangat hanging laterns.

Colourful lanterns 1....

Colourful lanterns 2...

Colourful lanterns 3...

Front view.

After some time, the lantern party turned into candle party. Since there's so many candles available, we started lighting up the candles.

Entah apa Vsia tgh fikir/mengelamun.
Reminiscing old memories maybe?

Colourful candles.

"Love" shaped formation.
We dedicated this to "somebody"... hahaha...

Do you know the critical moment when the candle in the lantern is at its last few seconds before going off? Yes.. the critical moment which determines whether your lantern (paper lantern) will survive or get burn.

We were excited and cheering for every lantern that get burned. Almost all of us were hoping that the lanterns won't survive the critical moment. Feels weird right?
The reason is... it seems that every lantern that get burned (by itself, not involving any act of burning or attempting to burn the lantern), symbolizes good luck. Not sure how true is it..
Can anyone verify this?




We really had fun that night. I wonder whether we can do this again next year.
So gang, amacam next year? :P
Another picture to end this post.



vee-sia said...


Next year! If the gang is still around... hahaha

btw, i tgh mengimbas kembali the time where i ALMOST burn my hse down.... hahahahaha~ good times :P

Elaine said...

Vsia: YAAA!!! FINALLY!!!

mengimbas memory... patut le muka mcm sedih jer..