Monday, March 30, 2009

Cooking freak

It was 1 week mid term break last week. Dunno why suddenly I became a cooking freak.Kept thinking about what to cook?Maybe because it's been quite some time since I step into the kitchen and get my hands busy into cooking or it is I was too bored & lazy to study. Huhu.
Cooked few dishes & baked a cake.(No worries, my food is safe for consumption. Till now, no one had diarrhea or food poisoning). ;) The taste ok la not bad, not as nice as my mama's cooking. Hmm, had to learn her cooking skill more. Hehe..
Just realized that I took only 1 picture. Haiz.. next time must remember to snap pictures.

"Asam Rebus Fish"


jas_natelie said...

wah... so free to cook... =.=" but never invite "ppl" to go test ur food?! =(

Elaine said...

k lor, next time i call u. haha.. btw, i gave u try my cake wat? hehe.. :)