Saturday, March 21, 2009

IVAQ 2009

Attended the Inter Varsity Accounting Quiz (IVAQ) 2009 on 7th March at Seri Negeri. Actually, we didn't want to go, but we were some sort "force" to go because our lecturers adding few bonus marks for our midterm exam to those who attend the event. I can say that majority of the students came just for the marks lo. I don't regret went for the quiz coz looking at how bad i did for my midterm exam :( (juz ended this morning, another paper is after midterm break) , I really hope the bonus marks help me to pass my papers, although its just few marks. *pray*

Back to the story, reached there quite early. I'm not gonna talk much about the event. 1st half of the day is like.. waiting.. opening ceremony..waiting.. lunch... 2nd half of the event, more waiting... quiz began... If talk about the quiz, its beneficial to us. I've learnt few new things. In terms of the event organization, what i can say is need to improve lo. It's kind of kelam-kabut, maybe due to the problems that suddenly popped-up, which then cause the event to be delayed.

IVAQ backdrop.

During the long waiting process, nothing to do, so take picture la. (Credits to Jas for some of the pictures)

Girls in Black.

Look here.. look here..

something is not right in this picture.

This is better.


chris@dotagaki said...

lol sumthings still not rite in d 2nd picture. U look d same haha.

Elaine said...

Of course la i look the same.. lol..