Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cooking session with friends

My friends & I had planned this cooking activity for so long, but only today we manage to make our plan work. Everyone had been very busy with their personal activities until TODAY, we manage to find some time to fit our cooking activity in our "busy" schedule.
I woke up early to prepare my coleslaw (just a simple dish).
Steam the corn, clean & shred the cabbage and carrot.
Done with my task, I'm off to Yee Lin's house.

Shredded cabbage.
Reach Yee Lin's place around 10.30 am with Sherryn.
Here is where all the real cooking starts.
All the ingredients had been prepared in advance, so we don't need much time to prepare the food.
Everything goes smoothly.
Lingli & Sherling help Yee Lin & Jasmine with the cooking, while I am busy helping Sherryn with her Tangy Smoothie.

Lingli (left) & Yee Lin with the spaghetti.

Jasmine frying pork chop.
We manage to complete all the cooking in 1 & 1/2 hours.
That's the benefit when we have lots of manpower.. erm.. i mean girlpower.. hehe..
Anyway, thanks to Yee Lin's maid for doing all the cleaning, less work for us already. *wink..wink*
Here's the outcome:

Yee Lin's delicious spaghetti.

Jasmine's tasty & tender Pork Chop.
(Sorry to the Muslim, it's non-halal)

My colourful coleslaw.
Time to enjoy our Lunch. Lingli calls this as "fine dining".
Table layout.
Oh wait, not to forget our Tangy Smoothie after lunch.

Sherryn's refreshing Tangy Smoothie.
After lunch, we proceed with the karaoke session.
We had so much fun & laughter today, especially the chaos when 6 girls are cooking in the kitchen.
Hopefully this will not be our last time cooking together.
Looking forward for more cooking session with other varieties of food.


Pav said...

yer....bestnye...siap g karaoke lagi

chris_lim said...

omg the pork chop reminds me of jerad lol. All looks delicious le. Next time i join u girls cook ya :P

Elaine said...

>>Pav>> Karaoke kat rumah la.

>>Chris>> Jerad?!!! Hahaha.. sure, join la, if u still here by then.

kenwooi said...

yum yum =)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Elaine, anymore left? Goodfor you being able to cook. You'll make a man very happy, happy one day soon, *wink*.
Have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Elaine said...

>>Kenwooi>> really yummy. :)

>>Uncle Lee>> Sorry Uncle Lee, everything is already in our stomach. Maybe next time. Thanks.

...Yee Lin... said...

Haha..yep, totally agree.
This is really a memorable one.

Btw, I really enjoyed your coleslaw that day. It tasted so good. (^.^)

Elaine said...

>>Yee Lin>> Thanks. Hopefully this is not our last time cooking together. ^^

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Elain, when you make fish head curry, send me a telegram, and cook extra rice, ha ha.
Have a scarry halloween, Lee.

reanaclaire said...

i can imagine how much u all enjoyed each other company esp the food and the karaoke as well!

greetings from

Elaine said...

>>Uncle Lee>> sure. No problem Uncle Lee.

>>Reanaclaire>> Ya. We really had a great time together.

Pav said...

oh ya..lupa pula yeelin's house got karaoke...

QuaChee said...

cool u had tangie smoothie! :)

Elaine said...

>>QuaChee>> Yup. It's refreshing. ^^