Sunday, October 18, 2009


A short post for this one.
Went Deepavali visiting yesterday.
Most of my friends can't make it for this year visiting.
Started with Shaline's house around 1 pm.
I was served with typical Indian food;
tosai, idli, vege, chicken curry, mutton & few more dishes.
After that, my bro & I went all the way to Jasin to visit Pav & Mathan.
Convoyed with Mathan & his friends there.
Their mum served us with ayam masak merah, rendang ayam, mixed vege and mutton kurma.
Something different from the typical Indian food.
This the uniqueness of living in Malaysia, we can serve any kind of food during the festive season (or all year round),
even my family serve lemang & rendang (food that are normally served during Hari Raya) for Chinese New Year.
Went dinner at Kuhan's house with Shaline.
We had Nasi Beriyani and other few dishes.
Met Mr. Ronald & family there. Had a nice chat with them.
Time fly really fast whenever we are having fun.
Oh ya, no picture for this post to prevent you people from drooling in front of your screen.


chris_lim said...

Wa seh.... menyesal i tak balik...

chris_lim said...

I was actually not alone. I have some of my coursemates ok. They go out makan n lepak x ajak leave me terpuruk in d room. Of coz la... im not malay like them. I x racist but they are. =.= full of shit :P

Elaine said...

>>Chris>> Icic. Pity you. Next time ada holiday balik la.

kenwooi said...

wah you ate alot..
i didnt visit during deepavali this year.. =)

Elaine said...

>>Kenwooi>> ya.
nvm, there's always next year.