Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cherylyn & Sherryn's Bday

Okay... This event took place 6 months back.. Really late post huh..
I'm not fit to be a blogger though. 
Anyway, just read through if you are interested. hahaha.

Few weeks before Cherylyn & Sherryn's birthday, Lingli & I came up with an idea to order cupcakes for their birthday.. A change from normal birthday cake. We decided to put common cartoon characters that they like on the cupcakes.

So, the 1st move was to get input on the cartoon characters that they like. We managed to korek info from our supposed to be "casual talk" without them realizing. hahaha.. Gotcha!!!
 Both of them agreed on HAMTARO!!! So HAMTARO it is.

We placed our order at D Cake Signature . They did a great job. We are satisfied with the final outcome (scroll down for the cupcakes picture).

So on the planned date, we went Wasabi Sushi to celebrate. 
Their 1st challenge were to name all the HAMTARO cartoon characters before we unveiled  the cupcakes.
Discussing & figuring out characters' names.


Birthday girls with cute cupcakes.

HAMTARO cupcakes.
Everyone was attracted to the cupcakes and reluctant to eat the cupcakes. As the result, everyone keep taking photo of the cupcakes. 

Anyway, sorry girls for the super late post. All the best! ^^


vee-sia said...

FINALLY UPDATE JUGAK! the cupcake so cute!!! Sushi Wasabi!!! bila mau pegi??? :P

Elaine said...

Ya lo.. Nw i got cashflow problem. Next time la. hahaha.