Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It's been a winding journey & sleepless nights,
to make matter worse,
It's been MORE sleepless nights since I heard about it,
My chest feels so tight till I can't barely breathe,
My heart hurts so much, feels like vomiting out blood.
My heart keeps beating faster & faster every second,
although I don't even think about it.
It's happening again,
Yes, this is not my 1st
but, it's sure among something to be remember off.
Waiting is really a painful process.
Experience taught me not to put high expectation,
I keep imagining for the worse,
hoping that I can be strong if it's the reality.
But deep down inside my heart,
there's still a tiny glim of hope,
hoping for the best.
Oh god, please ease my pain,
It really really hurt so much.
Will I get what I wish for?
Will I get my happiness like everybody else?
Please make me strong enough to face the final answer.
But I know,
whatever will happen, life still goes on.


chris@dotagaki said...

Wa ee lin, whats ur hidden story pulak?

...Yee Lin... said...

my dear ee matter what happen there, be strong&firm Ok? don't give up easily.
~all the best+wish for the best~

Elaine said...

>> chris>> worried la. Nw much better edy.. hehe..

>> Yee lin>> I will. Thx. C u soon.