Thursday, June 4, 2009

IRC & Go Kart

After my last paper ( Macroeconomics) on the 28th of May, I went to IRC (BB Bazaar) to have lunch with my close friends. 2 objectives for this gathering; 1) spend time with Vriesia since she can't join us for our Melaka Tour ; 2) Finalize our Melaka Tour itineraries.
One thing that i realize when I'm at IRC is that, most of the local workers there have been replaced with foreign workers (Bangladeshis i think). Had some communication problem with one of the waiter who took our orders. I'm not sure whether he is local or foreigner, coz he looks like local to me. Communicate with him in English, but looks as if he dun understand. So, i converse in BM, still he look so blur.. duh.. =.=".. At last, just show him what I want. Dunno why la IRC hire him as waiter..
That's not the only problem with IRC, the food quality is deteriorating too. I ordered "Thai sauce chicken chop rice "(some sort like that la the name) & "iced jasmine tea". OMG!! the rice they serve together with the kerak, while the chicken is tasteless & not properly cook. The jasmine tea has a weird taste... at least for me.. Haiz..

"Thai sauce chicken chop rice".
Although it looks presentable, but don't be fooled by its' look.

The weird taste iced jasmine tea. It looks weird too..

After that awful lunch, we start to finalize our itineraries while waiting for Pav & Mathan to arrive, before heading to Ayer Keroh for go-kart.

See the tea still there, don't dare to drink it.
Chris, wat r u doing there? hehe..

TADAA!! Actually I don't even know there's a go-kart track in Ayer Keroh till Vriesia told me. LOL.


Everyone was soo excited to be on track.

The guys getting ready for the race in round 1.

The girls getting ready for Round 2.

Girls & guys ready for race in Round 3.

These are some snapshots throughout the whole race.

Chris (left) & Tristen.

Vriesia (front) & me.


Oops... minor accident over there..

For the album...

The Guys.

The Girls.


jas_natelie said...

wow~ enjoyable day~

irc (ixora branch)'s food can b realy awful.. eewwww

Elaine said...

Dun go irc edy. haha..

chris@dotagaki said...

The pic i put face on table is coz kena food poisoning from the IRC's 10 year old chicken. At least the Go-Kart make up for the lousy meal.

Elaine said...

>> chris >> LOL. nampak Go-Kart, food poisoning terus baik.. haha..

...Yee Lin... said...

whoa...looks so interesting...

Elaine said...

>>Yee Lin>> Ya.. Really interesting..