Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More fruits? food?

It's durian season again.. wahaha.. Nothing can be compared enjoying fruits from our own trees and share them with other relatives. I've grown up together with the durian trees, and trust me, it's hard to find any durian that taste better than the REAL Durian Kampung.

Look at that yellow & thick flesh.. *glurp*

Ok, i'm done with snapping photos . Time to enjoy my durian..

To cool down our body from the heat, enjoy the original sweetness of coconut water.
*Aaahhhh.... refreshing.* ^^

Coconut, fresh from the tree.. hehe..

Then suddenly my "Ah Kong" (grandpa) came out from the orchard & handed me a mango. I was like... WAH!!! O.O
You all must be thinking what sooo "WAH!!" about mango until u see this...

This mango is huge!!
Don't believe?

See.. It's even bigger than my size 6 slipper.

Ok enough with the fruits, my mama made Kuih Bingka Ubi (2 trays some more.. pengsan eating non-stop). Made from tapioca (of course), flour and gula melaka.

Kuih Bingka Ubi

Itu pun belum add in what we had for lunch & dinner. So many dishes.. Adoi..

"Almost" all my favorite. Hmm.. where to start?

Ahh.. i know.. start from this.. hehe..

Sweet & Sour Crab with cili padi.
Oh! forgot to mention we had Green Bean soup for dessert.
Whole day busy eating.. *faint*


...Yee Lin... said...

Wakaka...the "size 6" mango...haha..

vee-sia said...

walaueh..... all sorts of good food.... huhu i also wanna eat!!

Elaine said...

>>Yee Lin>> It's bigger than size 6. haha. XD

>>vee-sia>> can. next time u follow me back grandparents place.. hehe..