Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Melaka Tour (Part 2)

Our 2nd day (1 June) Melaka Tour starts after lunch around 2 pm, this time with smaller group since some of them can't make it. 1st destination for the day...
Dreambox KTV.


Sing..sing.. sing.. ~Lalala~

Spend about 4 hours singing.. erm.. or izit shouting? :P
Left Dreambox early hoping that we are able to see sunset from Eye On Malaysia (EOM).
But too bad.. don't say sunset, sun also tak nampak... =.="
Welcome to EOM.

EOM here we come.

The name EOM is not as grand as it "suppose" to be. Waste money only come EOM. Nothing interesting to see. It makes about 5 rounds and what can we see is this....

Ok la still acceptable. Although nothing to see.


What so nice about those kontena & buildings' rooftop?

And this...

WOW!! What a "nice" view... =.="

Oh!! did I mention that there's some squeaky sound when it moves?! Dunno how long this "thing" can last. hehe..
I'm already bored when it made the 1st round..
To entertain ourselves, here's what we do..


Monkey-ing around? :P

Some picture sessions before we left.

Luckily the lamppost tak tercabut.. LOL..

snap.. snap..
Although nothing to see from top, it is has beautiful view at night. At least there's something nice to see..

EOM at night.
So, my advice to you people, come at night just to enjoy the view from ground. It's free after all.. LOL.. XD.

You're welcome & stop begging people to come again.
Dinner time.. >>> Amigos
Look here..

The photographers.

We end our Melaka Tour by cruising along Melaka River. It's quite happening along the river since there's "Pesta Sungai Melaka" that time. It's so much better than EOM, except the smell. @.@..

Melaka River Cruise.

Melaka River Cruise models... XD

That's the end of our Melaka Tour. Looking forward for our next outing..
Sweet memories everyone.. *wink*

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