Monday, June 8, 2009

Melaka Tour (Part 1)

At last... I manage to blog about the Melaka Tour. I've been busy gathering & grabbing pictures from the others. haha.. I'm too lazy to snap pictures juz snap few pictures only. Plus, there's so many amateur & efficient photographers around, it's better for me to get all photos from them. hehe.. Thanks to all the photographers (Lee Hoon, Chris, Sherryn, Pav & Mathan, Chee Han, Kuhan & anybody else who i take & grab pictures from). The problem here is, I'm spoilt with varieties of beautiful pictures (1000++ pictures for the whole tour!!!) till I dunno which one to put it here. Really pening @.@.. If ikut hati I wanna post all the pictures here.

Back to the story, our 1st day of Melaka Tour (30th May) suppose to meet in front of Stadhuys at 8.30 am, but at last we convoy to town about 1 hour later (i guess..). Oh ya, thanks to Yoke Meng & Lee hoon our planners & tour guide..

Not gonna blog much.. too lazy to write ( dunno what I rajin.. =.=").. let u all see pictures oni la.
After all, a picture is worth than thousand words. See all the smile & laughter, I know that everyone had a good time. XD

Weehooo... Let's start our tour..

Say cheese.. girls..

Our tour guide.
Meng: Read on your own..

First stop, Stadhuys...

Pose guys..

me & Sherryn.

Next stop, A Famosa Fort.

On the way up..

Hey people.. walk faster..

Guess who's shoe is who's?


I wish.. I wish.. I wish..

Nice shot.

Muzium Samudera.

Tour guide on duty.. XD

Eyeing on "leng chai" outside?

omg!! You both dun bunuh diri.. XD

1 of my favorite picture.

I love this pic.

No comment..

Muzium TLDM.

Shaline: Sherryn, lepasla i want this thing.
Sherryn: Nope, I want it too.

Can't remember why we had a good laugh.


Me & Lee Hoon.

Muzium Pendidikan.

Enjoying free air-cond.. haha..

Lepak at 1 of the cafe ( can't remember wat's the name) while waiting for satay celup shop to open..

Refreshing.. after walking whole day under hot sun..

Satay celup for dinner..

Keep laughing till kenyang edy.. no need eat also nvm.. =.="

After dinner, went to 1 of the most happening place in melaka on weekends.. Jonker Street..

Suddenly remember, Sherryn & me keep convincing "people" to buy nice stuff, but sendiri x nak beli.. hehe.. Hey, but at least they like the stuff... rite? rite? rite?

At 1 of the cafe in Jonker before end our Day 1.
Went back terus pancit edy, can't move..

After whole day, realize that this is our only group picture.. Sad case...

Sweet memories.

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