Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My 20th birthday.

I'm finally 20. Had a great time with my friends. Thanks everyone for sacrificing your precious time to be with me. Also not forgotten, everyone who had wish me.
I wish.... (keep it to myself.. :P)
It's all about number 2 this year. 20 years old, went to pray in 2 temples, 2 sessions of birthday celebration, 2 birthday cakes, 2 group of great friends and most importantly, 2 times of happiness (anymore with no.2?). haha.

1st session : Station 1, Batu Berendam.

Black Forest Cake.

My 2nd family.
*(not everyone is here though)*

2nd session : Johnny's Restaurant, Jusco Melaka.
Chocolate Mousse.

It's my birthday!! .. so what?

Eating cake with our own style.
(Johnny's workers will love us because no extra plates for them to wash.. hehe)


Thank you everybody for the presents. I really appreciate them. (sorry, no photos here)
However,this is my 1st birthday present that I received 2 weeks in advance from my cousin sisters (thanks, really need it.. hehe).
My new Swatch watch.


...Yee Lin... said...

May all your wishes come true lin..
All the best~~

chris@dotagaki said...

ee lin, u lost 2 kg! Lucky 2.

Elaine said...

>>Yee Lin>> thanks. :)

>>Chris>> lol. I'll be happy too if it's true. haha.

jas_natelie said...

=.=" eelin eelin.. be positive.. sure tat'll happen.. quoted from lye "someday..." sighs... sister

Elaine said...

>>Jas>> Yea rite. B4 tat must reduce my eating activities... haha..