Thursday, June 11, 2009

I passed.. ^^

I'm soo happy. haha.. I pass 2 things today.
NO.1 : My Exam.

I was so scared that I thought i will fail my papers.
but once i saw the result, i was so Happy!!! *jump..jump..jump..*
Beta Sem 3 2008/2009 result.
No.2 : My Kuih Apam Balik.
Received positive comments from relatives & friends. hehe..
(Thanks Jas for the picture)

Kuih Apam Balik.


chris@dotagaki said...

Wa congrats on ur exam. Btw ur kuih apam balik looks delicious and well arranged. Hope can try it T.T

Elaine said...

>> chris >> thanks :)
Tu ler. Ppl wanna give kuih u all went KL edy. I'll make again IF I'm free. Haha..